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Adriana Comment on the chapters. I'll be reading five every so often. You can check the intro for more updates. You can go your own speed as well.

Chapters 1-5

I loved Evie from like the first couple of pages. She's one kick ass girl. I was surprised out she is the only one with her powers.

"Tasers are one-size-fits- all paranormal butt-kicking option. Mines's pink with rhinestones. Tasey and I have had a lot of good times together." -LOLOLOL!

What's up with her and Reth. Taking her soul???? Whaaa?

Didn't expect that she was running to watch her show after being with Reth. lol.

I know I'm going to love Lend. He must be the shapeshifter but why haven't they met one yet? Unlike any shapeshifter I've ever heard of. It's like he's speaking in riddles. Speaking of riddles:

"Eyes like streams of melting snow, cold with the things she does not know." - exciting! I want to know what he knows about it!!!

Cute ending with Lish. The agency is pretty evil having all those people captured and used for whatever they want. That's going to come back to bite them in the you know what.

Adriana Finished

Okay I couldn't help it. Last night I told myself to read the five chapters but before I knew it I wasn't tired and then... two hours later. I had to finish it today. I couldn't stop myself. I absolutely loved it!

If only Vivian had a friend her heart would be filled up too. I doubt she'll stay in that coma. I don't think we have seen the end of her.

I really don't like Reth. He is the Empty One!!! He wants to be released? Fat chance! And I don't get that either. What do they mean by released? Where are you going to go. Just stay in your lane people! And Raquel being so utterly naive? Yeah. I don't like her either.
Lish!!! Sad face at the end when she lingered.

Lend is so perfect. *swoon* I wish he was mine... His love is definitely making he soul or whatever grow brighter. I worried she was actually taking from him without knowing but it seems that wasn't the case. Oh yeah. His mom. I had the same reaction Evie had at the start of that conversation. And Evie can be immortal if she wants. Just stick around Lend... I guess. I don't know how that would work...

Woe is me! My library has one book of the sequel an there are seventeen people in front of me. D:

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