City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1) City of Bones question

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The characters we know now are going to be in their TWENTIES!!! Well, except for Simon and Magnus. xD

Oh my goodness, Mrs. Claire, PLEASE THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE!

Imagine if JK Rowling came out with a Sirius/James prequel. Then added an extra 3 books to Harry's story. Then wrote about Harry's kids. THEN wrote about some other random kids at Hogwarts.

There is such thing as overkill. Mrs. Claire obviously doesn't know that yet.

Carrina What a sad situation we put ourselves in. A trilogy would have been a nice length for MI.
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Alice I agree. The other two were so boring.
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She needs to come up with something NEW! I'm sorry, but I feel like all the Shadowhunter stuff is piling up on me, and it's getting sort of old.

I love the idea that there will be new, younger characters, but we get to check in on old ones that we've got to love. Like imagine, for the new kids Jace will be some kind of awesome shadowhunter legend, and maybe Isabelle will be a bit scary, after going off to marry whatever vampire/werewolf she ends up with.

I would read this new series, but I don't know whether I would like it or not. Cassandra Clare is obviously writing this for the money

No, really!? That is sooo cool, and i love how Cassandra Clare has wrote like a prequel series and is now writing a sequel series to The Mortal instruments as well!

Sounds good, I'd be into it:)

She said it's not going to be about those characters though, a topic that has me a little torn. I think 6 thick books later these characters will be more than spent, but I was fond of the idea of Clare writing something about people in their twenties. Her characters nearly always have the same voice (which is to say the same vocabulary) and that voice would sound a lot less weird on a 20 something year old.

Also I wonder what kind of awkward sibling near-tabboo relationships will come up in this one :P

In the end I kid though, I love the Shadowhunter world even if Clare drives me nuts in so many ways, so I am definitely excited for this one.

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UPDATE: Okay, fine. i think the other people are right. the Shadowhunter stuff are getting boring and annoying.

Yeah, I've heard of this. I wish Ms. Cassie would publish it EARLY or else... i'll die waiting for the book.

Love it, omg can't wait, please, cassandra, NEVER stop writing about shadowhunters and Jace and Will and Clary and Tessa and Isabelle... well maybe oksy, I can live (just about) without the characters, but I need shadowhunters! They are my drug!

can't wait. I'm still not up to date with TMI and ID. This is going to be sooo coool.

I wish the author would come up with something new. To me this seems overkill. While reading mortal instruments I found that each book got worse. In fact I am not sure if I will bother reading the last that will be coming out.

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