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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand I have a kind of strange question, and I was wondering whether someone who knows more about Amish traditions (perhaps one of our authors?) could answer it for me? There's been a lot of talk in the UK recently about changing the way that marriage is defined by the law/government and how this will affect churches, and discussions of church/state relations and whether the church owns marriage or the state owns it. It got me thinking about how marriage works in the Amish church, and whether there is any sort of marriage register or application for a marriage certificate involved in Amish wedding ceremonies. While my fiancé and I will be getting married in a local church in a few months, we still have to have a registrar at the ceremony so we can deal with the legal aspect of getting married, and be married in the eyes of the law as well as in the eyes of the church. I'm not sure how American weddings work, but do the Amish have to do anything legal when they get married, as part of their ceremonies? Hope my queries make sense!

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand Thanks! It's just never been mentioned in an Amish novel, so I wasn't sure if they did anything differently.

message 3: by Camille (new)

Camille (camlovesraptors) | 802 comments I find that really interesting because for religious reasons the Amish are exempt from many things which the rest of us "Englischers" must do. I would have honestly thought that they didn't necessarily need a wedding license because they are a pretty self-sufficient community. For example, schooling our children past 8th grade is mandatory for the rest of us, but not them. The things you learn every day!

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