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how much I hate when people compare everything to Twilight
Kyla loveofwolves Kyla Mar 02, 2012 03:14PM
Oh my, PLEASE tell me you hate when people compare every book under the sun to Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I do adore the Twilight saga and Stephanie Meyer but enough is enough. Just because there is a love triangle in a book, does not mean it bores any relevance to Twilight. Just because a character is a little bit depressed, does not mean she should be compared to Bella. And just because there is a scene where the main guy character is somewhat stalking the main girl character DOES NOT MEAN THAT THAT BOOK SHOULD BE COMPARED TO, DESCRIBED LIKE, OR BE COMMENTED ON WITH THE PHRASE " Twilight". IT MUST END! It is extremely annoying and frustrating. Please let the obsessive comments on "similarities" end!.....please post your anger at this as well or your anger at me for saying such a horrible thing...;)

Comparing themes and ideologies in literature is always interesting. Sometimes comparisons should be looked at, you do it without thinking sometimes. It's part of life, to quote Edward Said "Identity is based on how we are compared to the other."

I steer away from it as much as possible but there are just some books out there that HAVE to be compared to Twilight because the authors couldn't be original and basically just recycle Twilight with their own characters and what-not...

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I especially hate it when people start comparing with other books only because they're popular. "Harry Potter vs. Twilight!" "Pride and Prejudice vs. Twilight!" "Hunger Games vs. Twilight!" Most of them aren't even in the same genre.

The comparisons are very annoying. Especially when compared to books that have no relevance. The first book wasn't so bad, but with all this hype around it, it does become annoying. I commented on one post where Twilight was compared to Pride and Prejudice and every fan seemed to jump down my throat anytime I made a comment stating that there was no comparison. It really just made me dislike the book more. I'm sure some fan will read my post now and I'll get a little more backlash coming to me.

because there are books that are similar in plot or feel/writing style. Hush Hush, Marked (HoN),Evermore, Fallen etc. They all have the same idea and feel and it makes me say far far away from Twilighty books!

as someone who actually hates twilight i especially hate when this happens.

Or when I bought the Mortal Instruments series just as Meyers got popular. The first book, City of Bones has a quote from Holly black on the cover, the second has a quote from Libba Bray, and the last has a quote from Meyers.

Now in the latest versions they're no different but each cover has a different quote from Meyers instead. It's like the series has permeated even the subtler aspects of EVERYTHING to do with YA.

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OMG! I thought I was the only one that felt this way. I really hate it when people do the comparison crap. It gets in the way of people enjoying other books because they are constantly thinking "this is like this book and that is like something that happened in this other book." It so annoying!

yepp, pisses me off...

one thing I noticed and also got comfirmed yesterday is that as soon as someone is excited about a movie that K-stew is in (or Rob) it's almost always a Twilight-hater (and/or Kristen Stewart hater) that brings up the twilight in some way ....
like the other day we were wait for the On The Road trailer, and as soon as someone said they were a fan of KStew. The person got jumpt about being a twilight "idiot" (after a long monolog of how sucky Kstew is )and all that shit

Or that there were no vampire romance books until Twilight...

I'm sorry, I'd read JR Ward and True Blood long before I'd even heard of Twilight. Grrr.


I enjoyed the books before the movies came out, and then all people that became obsessed with it ruined it for me. So now I only use that phrase when I see a books that are becoming movies; "Oh I hope it won't be another Twilight"

I love twilight and I love to talk about the book bit honestly the pictures and the videos and the references and the quotes are really getting on my nerves. Not ever book is like twilight people. Not every vampire is an Edward, not every werewolf is a Jacob, and not every slightly depressed and somewhat stupid human girl is a Bella.

OH MY GOSH, YES! Especially with The Hunger Games. They're NOTHING alike. Do you know how many people won't get into THG because the media keeps calling it "the next Twilight"?

I was just on Amazon the other day reading ratings for "Going Home" by Rhonda Dennis. Keep in mind a book about a paramedic in Southern Louisiana town, mystery, murder, romance etc. And someone compared it to Twilight! There are too many love interest, not like Twilight. Are you kidding me! They both include a love triangle. And then, get this, she says and I quote "It's boring. It needs something new, unique, unheard of. That's how you become best-seller. Take the Twilight series. Even if people aren't so much into Edward and Bella, at least "sparkling vampires" was a new thing." Ha! I think I lost my lunch! The great thing is I only read the book because this girl hated it and loved Twilight! (pretty good book too) Don't they see they are giving the Twilight series a bad reputation. I use to like the series. Now it's like new Kids on the Block, Nsync or The Backstreet Boys!

And the people who hate Twilight are calling it "Twishite" and they're calling people who like Twilight "Twi-hards". It really gets on my nerves.

i see what you mean. ive heard alot of people doing that. and it gets annoying because every time you get ready to read a book someones like, " oh, that book is just like the twilight series" or bella this and edward that. i dont wanna think of twilight when im reading another good book.

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I compare Twilight books and other novels ALL the time. My saying when I want to know 'how good a book is' is (lol confusing); One a scale of 1-10. Skulduggery pleasant is 10 Twilight is -1. but yea. i normally compare books with my fav series and my most hated series.

it is makes me sick! not everything is compatible with twilight! someone might say, "Oh my gosh! the main character can run really fast! they copied twilight!" NOT!!! just everyone be quiet about twilight, and enjoy other books!

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