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03/12: The Divinity Gene > The Opinionless interview with Matthew J. Trafford

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Penny (Literary Hoarders) (pennyliteraryhoarders) Is this on the 12 or the 20th??

Aaron (Typographical Era)   | 227 comments Mod
Did i say 12th somewhere? Should be 20th.

Penny (Literary Hoarders) (pennyliteraryhoarders) Okay, good, I just didn't want to screw up the dates and miss it. That would be dumb!

Michelle | 85 comments Time tonight? 9:00 Eastern?

Time Sunday?

Aaron (Typographical Era)   | 227 comments Mod
Yes to 9.
12PM on Sunday!

Michelle | 85 comments Great - I had Sunday written in my calendar as 11, but did not remember if that was Eastern or Central. So, 12 Eastern/11 Central it is. I am not going out of town this weekend, so I will be in attendance.

Aaron (Typographical Era)   | 227 comments Mod
YAY! Did you like The Child Who?
12PM Eastern is correct!

Michelle | 85 comments I am in Penny's boat. It was a good story and I read it in two sittings so it was a definate page turner. I felt sorry for Daniel and struggled with the killer vs 12 year old aspect. However, from about 1997-2009, I read nothing except legal thrillers and mysterys. I have read way too many books by James Patterson, Harlan Coben, Dianne Mott Davidson, Nevada Barr, and John Grisham. If I never picked up another mystery again I would be happy.

Penny (Literary Hoarders) (pennyliteraryhoarders) I like mysteries - and I seem to be in to the historical mysteries - but as for these "thriller/mystery/legal thrillers" they are like reading Danielle Steel or Jodi Picoult - it's a consistent formula they use and you just plug in different character names and situations. But don't get me wrong - I liked it - I just "knew" it already.

Aaron (Typographical Era)   | 227 comments Mod

Penny (Literary Hoarders) (pennyliteraryhoarders) WHAT is this??! What are you on today Aaron?!

Aaron (Typographical Era)   | 227 comments Mod

Jackie | 30 comments Oh you guys cut me up! Tonight should be a fun time!

Penny (Literary Hoarders) (pennyliteraryhoarders) I never watched it...there was a person named Penny on there? My, my, I'm so popular - first Lost, and now Big Bang Theory...

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