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message 1: by Erika, Dream Thief (new) - rated it 4 stars

Erika (livingforthebooks) | 5319 comments Mod
What do you think of them?

Hannah (cloveshay) | 109 comments Personally I love Puck. He never really seemed like only a friend to me. And them when she kissed him I knew that she had feelings for him.
Ash is ok I guess, but I think he sounds too wise and old. Where as Puck is almost always light and care free.

message 3: by Michelle (last edited Jul 07, 2012 12:52AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Michelle (michelle0613) | 50 comments Another Puck fan! I love him so much more than Ash. I didn't like Ash that much until I read The Iron Knight. Now I like him more, but for me it will always be Puck who was meant for Meghan.
Puck is loyal and brave and kind and funny. He loved Meghan so much. And reading Summer's Crossing which is in his POV just made me love him more. Now I'm hoping that he'll get his own book.

Noor (noor_a) | 197 comments I loved Ash and Meghan. They had a more magical and intense feel to them! Ash was mysterious and cold, so he always had me wanting him to open up. I dunno but it always seemed that Meghan loved him more than Puck (as a lover not friend) but that's just my opinion.

message 5: by Noor (last edited Jul 07, 2012 02:24AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Noor (noor_a) | 197 comments Puck loves Meghan a lot and he shows that by letting her go. Despite this I still love ash!!

message 6: by Nikki, Eragon Bookslayer (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nikki Sojkowski (nikkisoj) | 1545 comments Mod
Honestly, I think Puck and Ash are WAY to good for her. I mean SERIOUSLY what's so likable about Meghan? I found her POV very frustrating cause she's SOOO SLOW to figure things out! thank god grimalkin was there lol. But as for Puck and Ash.. they were both awesome in their own special ways. but if we're choosing sides... Ash all the way! Puck just seems like the best friend type of guy.

Nila | 139 comments I agree. But I want Puck to find someone of his own and be happy! Julie should write another book ALL ABOUT PPUUCKK!! It would be a bestseller. if it isn't, i'll just buy a lot of copies and make it a bestseller!

Jojobean I loved all 3 characters. However, I just read the first book so far, so I feel like I haven't really gotten to know Ash or Puck that well. I know both of them love Meghan and that Meghan loves Ash. As of right now I love Ash and Meghan together. I loved how he stayed by her side and helped her in the iron realm where he was basically dying. He didn't leave her and helped her rescue her brother

Julieta | 4 comments I started liking Puck more than Ash but as the story developed I completely changed my mind lol.
Half into The Iron Daughter I was already shipping Ash with Meghan and now he is my second favorite male character hahaha.
I think that Meghan loves Ash in a way she can't really love Puck. (view spoiler)
I don't think Puck is ready to settle down anyway. In theory he loves Meghan but he also likes partying (view spoiler) and he appears to be very inmature sometimes even for a thousands years old fey. (view spoiler)

I love the three of them and the trio is what make the books so good. I missed Meghan a lot in The Iron Knight. Ash PoV is too serious for my taste.

message 10: by Sara (new)

Sara | 54 comments I agree that Puck didnt seem quite mature enough to settle down, but in the later books, you find that his immaturity is more of a show.

For a while in the first book, I kept getting confused with Ash until he and Meghan finally had their moment.

But for cryin out loud, I kind of wanted Meghan to end up with Puck because Ash already had a love and lost her. Meghan was Puck's first love. He wanted the kind of love Ash and Ariella had.

The Iron Knight reveals a lot of insight into Puck, Ash as well, obviously, but the Puck part was interesting.

Laura (blueeyebooks) | 185 comments I am in love with Ash! Puck seemed to be just a funny friend to have around. Just like @Noor said, I think Ash was much more mysterious and it meant something to Megan (and to me!!!) when she got him to open up and love her openly.

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Meredith (Shadowhunting_Demigod) | 8 comments Sorry to bother you guys but what series is this couple in? Thank you!

Magdalena | 4 comments for me as a couple Ash and Puck are perfect:)

chinami | 442 comments i like puck.he is so cheerful.

Mya~Cameron Dallas Is Bae ~❤️ Ash and Meghan forever! I felt as if their forbidden romance added more to the story and made it more interesting! I also LOVE Puck,but I think that she belongs with Ash

message 16: by Ciara (last edited Nov 05, 2015 10:30AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ciara (rebelc) I think as a character Meghan is the least developed character in the series. I think she's often selfish and immature.. Especially into the third book, I often wonder how Ash can be so patient with her. She's stubborn and always jumps to conclusions, and even irrational at times. (I LOVE the series, I would have preferred the series a lot more if the main character had been a stronger, more independent person. She's constantly getting people involved because she lacks the confidence to really do much of anything on her own. (wish Julie had created a female character who didn't need saving constantly. )

I think now, I know that Ash and her are going to end up together, though if I had to pick, I would have liked to have seen her with Puck. I admired Ash more as a character and next to Grim was my favorite character of this series, I just don't think he was a good fit for Meghan.

Raneem Almallah Hannah wrote: "Personally I love Puck. He never really seemed like only a friend to me. And them when she kissed him I knew that she had feelings for him.
Ash is ok I guess, but I think he sounds too wise and old..."

You got it mostly right. That Puck is more friendly but I love Ash. I mean look at what he's been through and what he's doing. He is literally amazing. I love the conflicts him and Puck have. They are both awesome characters but Ash is over the moon for me.

Breezette (YetiBear) | 3 comments Ok this is my opinion but i LOVE Puck he is charming and always brings a smile to her face and honestly Meghan and Robin Goodfellow are like PERFECT for each other!!!!

I mean Ash is cute and all but he just doesn't have that grasp and pull affect on me through -out the series. It's pucks love for Meghan that makes this book so perfect to me!!!!!!! <3

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