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Gloria Antypowich Another great book by Andrew Carlson!

'Sue’s Vision' is a sequel to 'Sue's Fingerprint'. Sue Cook is brilliant, determined, resourceful and impetuous. She still is the leader of her "clone family", even though they were dispersed around the country after they were released from an abandoned airbase in California.

I enjoyed watching her relationship grow with David, and watching her “family” learn and fight for what they believed in; “the message” that came with them in the goo that landed on earth; the message that they have become aware of and feel that they have to pass on to their fellow citizens.

There is serious message in Sue’s Vision that is very applicable today; we are responsible for cleaning up after ourselves.

Good job Andrew. Keep on writing!

Andrew Carlson Thanks Gloria! I'm so glad you liked the sequel!

I plan to quote your review when I launch Sue's Vision! :D


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