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message 1: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments If you are currently reading Batman, please feel free to add your thoughts on the current story happening,

message 2: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments This is the Owl Court arc, right? Meh.

message 3: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments Really? you don't like it at all?

message 4: by Evan (new)

Evan (Dark0Knight93) | 4 comments The Court of Owls story arc is great! Love it, Scott Snyder is a genious.

message 5: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments No, it seems incoherent and not going anywhere very fast. As if it were really designed to be read all at once, as a GN.

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments I think it's pretty coherent, it's meant to be a story like the Long Halloween. The basic story is what if something Beat batman for once, can he recover. If some group threatens everything he's ever worked for and his family, can he outsmart the group that has hid from him for years.

message 7: by Evan (new)

Evan (Dark0Knight93) | 4 comments The series seems to be based on the fact that even after everything Batman has done, there exists a secret society that he has overlooked and that's showing him how little he really knows about his city.

message 8: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments It's not too far fetched atleast it's not Batman shooting Darkseid. There hasn't been too many stories based on the history of Gotham. It's not like there pulling something out of their ass, as long it's not like the villain is another childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. Plus when Bruce got his education he left Gotham for almost ten years so whatever history he learned wasn't about Gotham, he only knows relative history.

message 9: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments All right. After this week's issue, I feel that the story is finally getting some traction. And we can clearly see now the role of Nightwing, Robin, Alfred, ect. It always goes much butter when Batman has someone to talk and explain to.

message 10: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments What do you think about the new revelation of the Grayson Family?

message 11: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments There is -always- a new revelation about the Grayson family. I remember when they were all former gypsies. The idea that the circus is secretly being run by the owl people I have no problem with. I do question Batman's rough and ready dental extraction technique, however. To be imperceptible, the tooth implant would have to be a -back- tooth. (Also, when do the permanent molars come in? No point in doing all the work on a baby tooth which will fall out and be spotted. Could it really have been done before the death of the Grayson parents and Dick left the circus?) To knock out the exact right one, Batman has the author's finger on the scale.

message 12: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments I was also a little skeptical since Bruce has always been extra careful with everything. It's kind of hard to explain how the tooth got in without Batman noticing. I suppose either it has been there as a wisdom Tooth, or when he was knocked out back in the Black Mirror, or some other time when dick was unconscious.

How long have you been reading comics?

message 13: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments I have been reading Batman since the '60s' -- the collection takes up several long boxes.
Wisdom teeth don't sprout until your late teens. By his late teens the Grayson parents are long dead and Dick is gone into Bruce Wayne's custody. Also, if you have ever had them extracted, they are way in the back and deeply rooted; you cannot just knock them out.
The owl insert must be a crown on one of the earlier permanent teeth. If Dick had the crown when he arrived in Bruce's custody, the dentist (I assume Wayne has great dental and health coverage) wouldn't mess with it but just note it in the records and leave it from checkup to checkup. Is Bruce anal enough to know all the details of Dick's dental chart? Oh sure, I'd believe that.

message 14: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments Woah, that's a long time. I've been reading Batman for the last two years, I have most of the major collections of Batman stories it wasn't until Morrison's Batman & Robin until i collected single issues. Yeah, I don't know how they slipped in that tooth without Dick even knowing, I mean Dick's been trained to know what's different and what to do in situations. Dick Knows when his mind is on hallucinogens

message 15: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments Oh, that's easy. You don't look for trouble if your mom takes you to your dentist, and this had to happen before Dick became Robin. I expect the owl people have a tame dentist on retainer, as it were. When the patients they have selected comes through, the dentist says, "Ooh, bad cavity back here! Mrs. Grayson, your little boy needs a crown! Bring him back next week and we'll put it in." And they manufacture one of the SPECIAL crowns. No anesthesia necessary, maybe jsut some novocaine.

message 16: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments I see, have you also been reading Nightwing along with Batman?

message 17: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments No, should I?

message 18: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments Well, so far it's really good except issue 5, which was sort of bad. But issues 1 and 7 tie in to Batman, but they aren't needed, but they offer insight on Dick's side of those issues. Personally I'd recommend it I like Dick, and now issues 8-10 are tie-ins with Batman.

message 19: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments Hmm, I wonder if they'll issue them in GN format. I don't know if I have the strength to track down all the back issues.

message 20: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments I think they will in October, but you don't need all of them but I do recommend them or at least just #1 & 7.

message 21: by Bob (new)

Bob (shack) Hi guys I'm new to this group but I just read Batman 1 through 7. It was ok for a Batman story but I have some problems with the writing. Didn't Batman spend 1/2 the story arc saying the Court of Owls did not exist and it was fake? Then after he gets caught and escapes they've been taking kids for years? What was up with the subway gang with the muzzles that are soldered on? They have ot wear the muzzles for a year? How do they eat and drink? I'm going to move onto Nightwing 1 through 7 next as it ties into the Batman arc.

This is my first try of "The New 52" and I'm not seeing anything amazing yet. I do have to say the artwork in Batmna 1 through 7 was good, I'm just not thrilled with the writing.

message 22: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments There are always structural difficulties inherent in the 'huge secret society hidden under our noses' type of stories. There is a reason why secret groups planning world conquest are usually based in foreign countries or remote locales. To explain why Gothamites, especially the famously nosy Batman, haven't noticed -- all that infrastructure! The hidden floors in so many buildings! -- it has to be an idiot plot. Which is to say the story only can stay upright if the characters are idiots. This is especially difficult in a Batman story, since Batman's whole schtick is noticing EVERYTHING and by definition he cannot be an idiot. I don't think there's any way for them to explain this sensibly; they're just going to ignore it and hope we don't care.
All those owl costumes and masks -- they have to buy them in bulk; there's probably an Ebay store.

message 23: by John (new)

John | 3 comments The explanation is simple. It begins with Batman being duped when he was young and inexperienced. He kept saying that it didn't exist because he had already checked it out years ago and there was nothing there. Then we come to the realization that a secret cabal of powerful, wealthy, influential business men would by its nature include the Wayne family. His father, who is the impetus of his crime fighting to begin with would at least know about if not be a member of the Owls. It is therefor in Batman's best interest NOT to notice this secret society. Its existence would call into question everything he had worked to achieve. My guess is that he has fallen victim to a classic human blunder, we believe the lie because it is what we want to believe. As for the rest of Gotham they haven't noticed because they are either complicit, or the afore mentioned idiots. They do LIVE in Gotham after all.

message 24: by Bob (new)

Bob (shack) I just finished up Nightwing 1-7 and it doesn't get any better. I thought th ewhole 52 reboot was to get new readers on board. I can't say that I would recommend any of these titles a good way for new readers to get involved. Everything is still established and as someone that has bee reading comics for a long time, I'm still confused. How can DC expect new readers to get everything and stick with it?

message 25: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments Oh good grief, I forgot: we have to take into account that there is a movie coming out this summer. EVerything is going to either look like the movie, echo the movie, or tie into it.

message 26: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments I don't know the last movie Batman was dead. Or it was right at the time of Batman RIP, and Final Crisis. Speaking of RIP, Brenda do you like Grant Morrison's Batman?

message 27: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments That was another meh for me.

message 28: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments Who is/was the best Batman writer in your opinion?

message 29: by Brenda (last edited May 04, 2012 11:01AM) (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments At the moment all my comics are packed, due to a home renovation, so I can't refer to them. But poor Batman has not been well served by his comics for some years. The BATMAN ADVENTURES early runs were stellar, far more true to the mythos than the main titles at the time. For quite a while SUPERMAN/BATMAN was more imaginative and thrilling than either character's solo comics; picking up the first 3 or 4 of the GN collections is a sure winner.
A good comic book for me is focused on the core of the character, combined with originality -- a hat trick, I do admit, that is not easy to achieve. In the past month the most stellar Batman comic I have read does not have Batman in it at all. It's Astro City: CONFESSION. A truly perfect Batman and Robin story, and displays perfectly the reshuffling of old cards into a new and thrilling hand.

message 30: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments I'm really starting to enjoy Tomasi's take on Bruce and Damian

message 31: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments Yes. I had my doubts at first, but Damian seems to be a good addition to the mythos. I love his loose-cannon quality. And the upcoming custody conflict with Talia is going to be great fun. Nothing like a divorce/custody battle to really grind up the angst.

message 32: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments Yes. True, but Tomasi really had me when he had Damian kill NoBody. That really made things interesting, and the War of Robins is a great way to raise a few brows.

message 33: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments Wow, I got iffy for issue 10 of Batman, but issue 11 was worth it. I'm looking forward to Snyder's Joker.

message 34: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments Joker (like Bane) is rather boringly overdone. I wish they'd give both characters a rest.

message 35: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments Aha! I just picked up Batman #12 (grr, still dislike that they rebooted the numbering). And, finally! It is the way it should be! This is quite a -good- story, freestanding, tight, interesting. Batman doesn't get lots of page time but he is very very much like himself. This must be a one-off makeup issue between longer arcs, judging from the large number of artists. But they should hang onto the writer, who (for a change!) knows what he is doing.

message 36: by Paul (new)

Paul (pauldro) | 28 comments I liked it as well. Scott Snyder made it not so batman-centric which is good for a change.

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