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4 things we won’t see in film – Here are a few things from the book that the article reveals didn’t make it into the movie:

1. Madge – Jacobson said, “You have so little time to establish these characters. So if Madge has to get thrown under the bus so you can make sure that an audience who hasn’t read the books understands the devotion between Katniss and Prim, then that’s what you do.”

2. More than glimpse of the Avoxes … – Gary Ross said “We have Avoxes, but we don’t digress in the film. I think it’s a wonderful way to populate the world, but there are just certain [cutbacks] that have to happen.”

3. … or the Prep Team – Katniss’ Stylists will be introduced, but we will have to wait to get to really know them. Cinna is focus in this film.

4. Capitol Gadgetry – Cool things, like pushing a button and food will appear, will not be in movie. Jacobson said “We didn’t want Capitol to appear too fanciful, It has to appear ominous and threatening. The Capitol has to be a mind-blowing experience, but it can’t be Whoville.”

Who else is pissed?

Helen Stevens Not really...what works on paper in a novel doesn'talways translate so well onto the screen. Certain compromises have to be made in the page to screen process. I figured Madge would go...she's in one scene in the first book and one scene in the 2nd book - while that works fine in the book, particularly as she appears in Katniss's train of thought, that wouldn't translate well on screen. Having Katniss give the pin to Prim and then Prim giving it back gives it even greater meaning than it did in the book, and heightens the feeling the viewer will get of the devotion between them.

Ditto on the avoxes. You have to lose a few things when adapting a novel into a movie - it's a case of picking the things to lose that will have the least affect on the overall story the filmmakers are trying to tell. They are still there - there's just not much detail about them. that's fine by me...

I think by putting the focus on Cinna, the viewer will get to know him as a character better. If equal time was given to the whole prep team, there are too many of them for the viewer to engage as deeply with them. They'll be on screen more in the sequels I'm sure...but as Cinna is the one Katniss is closest to, it makes sense for the focus to be on him.

It's a bit of a shame about the capitol gadgetry being lost. I do take his point though. We don't want the audience thinking it would be a cool place to live, we want them to feel threatened by the capitol.

If those are the main compromises/losses, then I'm thrilled, I expected there to be lots more to be honest! I'm so looking forward to seeing it...not long to go now!!

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Laura wrote: "4 things we won’t see in film – Here are a few things from the book that the article reveals didn’t make it into the movie:

1. Madge – Jacobson said, “You have so little time to establish these ..."

i can't accept number 4!! they changed capitol:(

Marisa I'm fine with the differences as long as the basic story line stays true to the book.

Beth We can't expect that the movies will be perfectly true to the books in every way. Thats just silly. They're trying to fit 450 pages into 2 hours or so, so certain things need to be sacrificed. As long as big impact things in the story and keeping to the main plot then its not much of an issue to me.

★ Mist ☆ Cassidy ★ I'm fine with the first three, but number 4 sets me off. I'm really upset they changed the Captiol.

Damaris i agree with mist

Heather I honestly do not mind, I am a little upset about the styling team because they were so cute and funny, but they said we have to "wait to really get to know them" which means in time we will, so honestly I don't mind. You're not going to get everything in the book in the movie because movies and books are complete opposites.

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Disapointed with pictures of the Capitol style. In the books it is the most ourtrageous thing ever, and even though the Capitol style in the movie is extravegant, it isn't quite there yet.

Morgan Why #4? Why????? Lol.

Morgan Its a futuristic book so I don't see how #4 would be too 'fanciful'

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will people who dont read the book understand the movie?

Haidi I was just having this disucssion with my mum the other day. In reference to question above.

I think that yes they will be able to understand it but they may not get all the tiny little things that you'll only know about if youve read the books.

Jessica I'm pretty neutral about what they're leaving out- even number 4. As cool as it would have been to see the mystical ways of the Capitol, we're engaged in this book (I would think) because of the characters and the deeply intimate nature of the arena. I rather they spend the majority of the time in the actual arena, building up the different complexities of the contestants (Clove and Cato), emphasizing the relationship with Rue (especially since that plays into the next book) and of course the awkward yet romantic tension between Katniss and Peeta.
These are the pieces that really drew me to the book in the first place and it would be devastating to me if the director and crew spent all of their effort, time, and money on aspects like the Capitol instead of those heartstring-pulling moments that come with Thresh, Cato's death, and Peeta's pull.

Of course, this is all my opinion! :)

Helen Stevens I went to the European premiere last night. I can assure those who are worried that the film is very close to the book, with only small ommissions/changes. In fact, it was probably the closest book to film adaptation I've ever seen! I was really pleased, I think Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins (who co-wrote the screenplay together) did an excellent job.

In terms of the points above...

While Laura (original poster)'s first 3 points are accurate, we do get to see the Capitol gadgetry. The capitol design is absolutely incredible, it certainly does justice to the descriptions in the book. You won't be disappointed!

The Avoxes are seen briefly, and Katniss makes a reference to them at the start of the book. We meet Katniss's styling team briefly but the film focuses on her relationship with Cinna which I think was the right decision. Madge not being in it is the biggest change, but I can see why they did it - the pin was part of the relationship between Katniss and Prim, which gave it more significance and cut the need for a minor character who would have only been in one scene this film, and one scene the next.

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