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message 1: by Christina (last edited Mar 02, 2012 11:43AM) (new)

Christina (obsessivedrmer) | 4 comments Hiyas! I'm Christina, a long time reader and blogger but still a newbie to the book reviewing world.

As a bookaholic, I love curling up on the couch and getting lost within a good book. I enjoy reading from MANY different genres in both YA and Adult titles. The most popular genres I read are: Chick-lit, Classics, Contemporary, Fantasy, Fiction, Manga, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Science fiction, and Young-adult. My favorites being; Chick-Lit, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance. However, I am OPEN to reading other genres as well.

When my nose isn't stuck in a book, I write and post book reviews [and other things pertaining to my interests] on my personal blog, I also post my book reviews here on GoodReads, Amazon, PaperbackSwap, and Smashwords.

You can find more specific details regarding my book reviews and preferences here on my blog!

I keep my shelves and profile here on GR obsessively updated so feel free to drop by if you want to know more about my reading habits. If you have any questions about myself, my reading habits, or my blog, don't hesitate to ask!!

Thanks for this opportunity and I look forward to working with you!

message 2: by John (new)

John Logan (johnaalogan) | 124 comments Hi Christina,
I'm a Scottish author and I've left a post in the Author's Corner section of this forum which describes my book.
My website details are there too, in case you feel the book is something you might like to have a look at.
All best,
(In Author's Corner as John A. A. Logan - The Survival of Thomas Ford)
(I'm particularly keen on getting USA readers for my book now if I can, as it's had some success so far in UK)

message 3: by Nicola (new)

Nicola Palmer | 8 comments Hi Christina

I wondered if you might be interested in reading my childrens/YA contemporary fantasy book Alice Parker's Metamorphosis

As a writer in the UK, I would also be grateful for a US review! Do let me know if you would like to take a look.

Many thanks

message 4: by Alice (new)

Alice Sabo (alice_sabo) | 14 comments Hi Christina,

My mystery, White Lies, will be free on Amazon March 23 and 24. I would love a review.


message 5: by Frank (new)

Frank Ra | 2 comments Ciao Christina,

May you please consider to review my book "A course in happiness", today available for free on Amazon on



message 6: by Mirvan. (new)

Mirvan. Ereon (mirvanereon) | 30 comments Hi I can review books too but I also need some reviews. Please see my works if you are interested.

message 7: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn Holdsworth (marilynholdsworth) | 1 comments Hi Christina,
Please consider doing a review of my novel Pegasus to post on Amazon. It is an adventure/romance involving horse rescue. If you can do it, I will send a kindle copy. Link:

message 8: by Laura (last edited Jun 25, 2012 10:15AM) (new)

Laura (penabook) | 5 comments Hi Christina, I would be happy to gift you a kindle copy for you to review our Romance Adventure novel, winner of four literary prizes. Francesca of Lost Nation by Lucinda Sue Crosby

message 9: by Massimo (new)

Massimo Marino | 31 comments Hello, Christina.

Looks like Daimones might fit the bill.

Let me know if interested. It is on promotion at $0.99 currently.

message 10: by John (new)

John (jaymack) | 17 comments Christina:

Are you still accepting books for review? I sent a review request to your address, but it bounced back to me. If you are still doing reviews, please let me know where to send my ebook.

John McDonnell
John McDonnell

message 11: by Natasha (new)

Natasha Holme (natashaholme) Hi Christina, I would happily swap a copy of my book for a review:
Lesbian Crushes and Bulimia: A Diary on How I Acquired my Eating Disorder

message 12: by Vipin (new)

Vipin Goyal (vipingoyal) | 1 comments Hi Christina,

I need a review of my Tall Man Small Shadow, I can gift a download from amazon.

message 13: by Thea (last edited Jan 22, 2014 07:41AM) (new)

Thea Atkinson (theaatkinson) | 42 comments Hi Christina:

I see you have a broad palette! I love Pride and Prejudice as a movie and as a zombie book, but must confess to never having read the real thing!

I'm seeking reviews for my new series: Theta waves, and think based on your post that it might suit you. I can offer the first novella Phoenix (Theta Waves) by Thea Atkinson in any format you like, and if you enjoy it, can provide the next two in the series as well.

It's a bit racy in spots with language if that concerns you.

best wishes


message 14: by S. (new)

S. Nileson | 29 comments Hi Christina,

Hi, I'm interested in getting my fantasy book 'Book of Kayal: Strength of Unity' reviewed. It's available on Amazon but I'm more than willing to send you a copy should you be interested. It's about 100k words long and contains no cliff-hangars.

message 15: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Snyder | 4 comments Hi Christina,

I'm looking for more reviews on my Succubus Kiss series. The series is NA Paranormal Romance. There is a prequel titled Kiss of Awakening that is free on all major retailers (Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, and Smashwords). There are also three novels currently available for purchase I would be willing to send ebook editions of the novels in exchange for an honest review.

Kiss of Awakening Description:

With one kiss, everything will change...
When a mysterious letter arrives from her estranged mother, twenty-one year old Kenna Blake and her best friend, Bree, make a trip to New Orleans hoping for a little Halloween fun and to get away. The mystifying Crescent City has something else in store for her though.
Cryptic messages, a hot tour guide, and a new sense Kenna can't seem to explain are just the beginning of this eye opening trip. Will Kenna accept what awakens with in her or will she crumble under its reality?

Goodreads Link:

Seduce (Book 1) Description:

Life isn’t so bad for succubus, Kenna Blake. True, she seems to be the only succubus with a conscience and a specific strategy for finding her male meals, but she has a cute new apartment, a budding graphic design business, and the most unique friends she’s ever had.

Her personal love life, however, is non-existent.

Until the legendary vampire Randal Vincent sweeps into her life. Even though he isn’t someone she set out to date, at least she can kiss him without killing him. But when you’re dating someone who’s the inspiration for Dracula, there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way…

Goodreads Link:

If you are interested, please reply here or shoot me an email at:

Thanks in advance!

message 16: by Vaughan (new)

Vaughan Humphries | 5 comments Hi Christina,

I would like to please request a review from you for my urban fiction book "Like a Shag on a Rock."

The Kindle edition is 99p/99c and I am also exclusive to Amazon and available for free download on the Lending Library, Matchbook and Kindle Unlimited.

However, if you would prefer, I can send you a pdf copy for free.

This is the link to my novel:

Thank-you very much for your time and consideration.


message 17: by Anise (last edited Aug 28, 2016 03:17PM) (new)

Anise Eden (aniseeden) Hi Christina,

Greetings! I'm the author of The Healing Edge paranormal romantic suspense series, new out this year. Here is some information:

All the Broken Places introduces Cate Duncan, a therapist who is struggling with her own issues following her mother's suicide. In her search for help, she enters a treatment program that turns out to be a clinic staffed by alternative healers with paranormal gifts. Her life is turned upside-down when she discovers that she is an empath with her own abilities -- and when she falls for the program's manager, psychologist and Marine veteran Ben MacGregor. As Cate's personal crisis comes to a head, Ben and the clinic staff must protect her from those who wish her harm--including herself.

All the Wounds in Shadow picks up where the first book left off. Cate has begun her paranormal training, but before she can settle in, Ben, Cate, and the rest of the clinic staff are called in to a top-secret facility to help solve an attempted murder. The team must use their gifts to delve into the victim's mind and find out what happened to him and why. Meanwhile, Cate must learn to trust Ben and her new colleagues, or her own life will be at risk.

Would you be interested in reviewing one (or both!) of these books? If so, just message me with your email address, and I'll be happy to "gift" you a Kindle copy. Thanks so much!

Yours truly,
Anise Eden

message 18: by Demetrius (new)

Demetrius Sherman | 3 comments Christina wrote: "Hiyas! I'm Christina, a long time reader and blogger but still a newbie to the book reviewing world.

As a bookaholic, I love curling up on the couch and getting lost within a good book. I enjoy re..."

Hello Christina
I see that you read Twilight vampire stories. Dark Hunger is my novella on vampires--but it isn't romantic. It is a mystery private eye thriller on Amazon.
Its shorter than a novel. If you are interested I can send it for eBook readers although it will be in paperback soon.

Best Wishes.

message 19: by Michael (new)

Michael Drakich (michaeldrakich) | 14 comments Hello Christina

I am hoping you would review my latest novel, Requiem For A Genocide. It is scheduled for release on December 1st, 2021, and I would appreciate an honest review on Amazon if you can, and on Goodreads as well. It is a sci-fi space opera of app 104,000 words professionally edited.
Here is the Goodreads link -
Here is the Amzon link -

Here is the short blurb.

JAK037 is a warbot.

Built for the sole purpose of killing the enemies of Dalrea, he has survived longer than any other and is the last of his generation still in operation. Being the last JAK model, he is simply referred to as Jak, no unit number necessary. When word comes of a treaty with their nemesis, Carthia, Jak holds out hope his final days will be ones without war. It is with disappointment he learns the treaty is so a new front can be opened against a race of settlers from another world.


In the coming conflict, can Jak and his comrades of aged warbots survive against an enemy with superior technology? In a mission to wipe out the settlers, will it succeed? Or will Jak’s days finally be numbered. With the aid of a human child, a seven-year-old girl named Hannah, Jak hopes to end the war and save his people from what he believes is a looming disaster. It’s a race where not only humans but Carthians, Dalreans, robotic laws, and his own failing body all conspire to stop him.

To obtain an ARC you can get one at NetGalley, or, if you like, I can send you a copy in either mobi, epub, or pdf format. Message me your email address and what format you would like.

Michael Drakich

message 20: by O.J. (new)

O.J. Lovaz | 11 comments Hi Christina,

I am O.J. Lovaz. I'd love it if you would review my debut novel, Silent Pretty Things, a mystery / thriller set in small town Pennsylvania. Dark family secrets, a murder, and a little romance too. Perfect for fans of psychological and domestic thrillers.

Please visit the book's page on Amazon ( or my author website ( for more details. You can email me at


O.J. Lovaz

message 21: by Glory (new)

Glory Glory | 2 comments Hi Christina
I hope that you don't mind to review LGBT books. My link
Just grab one or view my post ' Kindle formatted is climbing' in the group.
All the best.

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