The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5) The Last Olympian question

Jimmy Jimmy Mar 02, 2012 11:15AM
In this series which god/godess do you think is the funniest? Oh and you can also pick gods from The Heroes of Olympus series.
I think the funniest gods are Apollo,Janus and Terminus.
(I know there are others that I thought were funny but I just cant remember them).

Totally Apollo. I love his Haikus. :)

Apollo, Dionysus, or Hermes.
Don't give me that look because Mr. D's on here. Just refer to the "Die, Blinky, die!" scene in TLO!

johanna Same as me ;) LOLz
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Leah reick i like mr.d and how he porposly says the halfbloods names wrong he is so funny
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Apollo (obviously, his poems are hilarious!), Dionysus and maybe Terminus too (but only cuz he's like "Do you have anything to declare" and Percy's like "yes, I declare this is stupid" LOL)

Ares, Apollo and Hermes were the funniest to me, when a girl is skewered on a pike he calls her centurion shish-kebab, that for me was funny. And when Apollo tries to recite 'Heroes win laurels' and Hermes stopped him before they suffered too much torment!

Makayla (last edited Mar 04, 2012 11:51AM ) Mar 04, 2012 11:51AM   0 votes
I haven't read The Heroes of Olympus yet, but I think Apollo is the funniest, or maybe Dionysus.

Apollo and Aphrodite....... I think Athena in Roman form is creepy and crazy, though.....btw

apollo dionysus and hermes !

I think Mars urf Ares is the funniest

Hermes or Dyonisus (dont kno how to spell it)

Definitely Apollo :D

Aries and Apollo

"Green grass breaks through snow,
Artemis begs for my help,
I am so cool" Apollo is the bomb


Apollo and Ares! Apollo and his Haikus... Ares and his wardrobe... lol(:



When I saw this question, I right away thought of Apollo! "I'm incognito. Call me Fred." LOL :)!!! But now that I think of its and on the gods we met in the Heroes of Olympus series so far, I can't help but think of more

Mars and Iris and definitely Apollo

Apollo(Poems that are so annoying, they make the most patient person explode!) and Dionysus(Curse you, Blinky! I WILL HAVE YOUR SOUL!!!)

Mr. D, Apollo and Hades. Apollo is stupidly funny in his own way, but I can never seem to take Mr. D and Hades seriously, they don't seem that intimidating. Hades rules the Last Olympian.

i think all are funny


Dionysus if i'm right he was over the camp. And really didn't want to be there.

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arion (if he counts)

Justece (last edited Apr 10, 2012 01:41AM ) Apr 10, 2012 01:38AM   0 votes
Apollo or Iris. I love it when Apollo comes in his sun chariot to pick up the hunters and then he keeps calling Artemis sis and flirting with her hunters and calling them sweethearts and then Artemis gets mad at him- that was very, very funny! And Apollo with his haikus-hahaha. Apollo make me laugh just thinking about him.


Mr.D all the way, I like it when he is playing pac-man!!!

I'm tied between Apollo's Poetry and Mr.D's 'DIE, BLINKY, DIE!"

Apollo and Dionysus.

Hahaha Apollo and Dionysus

Apollo and hera (she has an interesting sort of humor)

Definatly Dionisis

apollo...terminus...all of them are in their own way:)

Janus-I loved his indignation-and Apollo as well.


Apollo and Hermes....

Apollo, hands down!!! He's awesome!! XD

Apollo because of the part where he was showing off his sports car mode. Someone was like "Cool car." Apollo: "Thanks kid." Kid: "But how are we all going to fit in it?" Apollo: "Right... I hate changing this mode." I loved this part.

or hades


So Apollo one of my favs!! :D

I think maybe Apollo, Mr.D, and Poseidon.

I would have to say Apollo or Iris

Apollo & dionysus!!! They were awesome :P

Hermes, Apollo and Dionysus


have u guys thought abiout percys dad poiseidon?? he's funny too, but much more less like on TLO.

I like Apollo!

a lot of them. but deffinetly apollo and ares

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