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Allie Was anyone else surprised that Alice was a demon? Yeah she was different from most of the ghosts in the school but still demon? I was so shocked... Maybe it was just me? Any thoughts??

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george ☽ yeah... i get what you mean, but on some level, I wasnt surprised.

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Alyssha Yeah ,i was super surprised . I thought she was still going to be a powerful witch. And then all of a sudden...BOOM!!! Your a demon. The funny thing about it was that i actually started cackling like it was some big joke. Then it turns out they were serious.

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Habz I thought she was a normal ghost, we weren't really given much clues that she was a demon...we didn't even know the aspects of demons in this book series.

violet I knew all along I have a good perception in knowing what is to happen in books.....LOL except the HUSH HUSH series and DEADLY LITTLE SECRETS.

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Yup, Alice, I have to say I was pretty shocked, I'm with you there Ally, complete shocker for me. But then again I read it in legitly 3 hours so I'm not sure I gave myself time to think about it.

Catherine Sara :) directioner, jlster, wanteder wrote: "Ew... Alice is a CREEPER!"

I agree...

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