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Why must all YA heroes be "sexy"?
Rachel Rachel Mar 02, 2012 09:19AM
So this question can be applied to pretty much every YA paranormal/fantasy novel. Why can't we have a male hero who is homely but has a kick-ass intellect or is (gasp!) completely normal but just a genuinely nice guy? Why does the girl always have to fall in love with the hot guy? I know this is fantasy but every male hero seems to be one dimensional (hot, smart, weird ability/quirk, pisses the girl off but still gets the girl). Its just sending a really bad message (i.e. a guy is not worth falling for unless he's sexy). Lets get some variety here people!

I supose anyone that the main character finds attractive will be considered sexy in there eyes

I think it's to entice teenager readers. We all perfer good-looking male leads rather than physically unattractive. Although many of the male reads feel too outstretched and far to good to be true (EX: Noah). When your far to good to be true than your just not attractive, in my opinion. I hope more authors could embrace the fact that flaws are just as beautiful as perfections

Honestly, I feel like it makes the book more enjoyable when there's a hot main character. Especially Noah, he's beyond perfection and it just makes the books that more enjoyable for me.

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I see your point. This very thing reminds me of Simon and Clary in the Mortal Instruments series. Simon really liked her and probably would still get with her if she changed her mind, but she went with Jace. The hot guy. But the thing is... I can't blame her. Sorry... it's just I would want the hot guy too. I mean Simon isn't a bad guy. He's nice, funny, and sarcastic. But I think what the problem is, is that he's also her best friend. I think that kinda screwed things up from the get go when she finally realized how he felt about her. Situations like that always mess up any chance the "kick-ass intellectual" guy has of getting the girl. I mean Simon almost got her too, but she like Jace more. It's just what happens, sad, but true.

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I really don't care if the main ya male is handsome or not. But ya males are usually Noah and he has a British Accent...*swoons*

I think that the books, Shiver, Linger, and Forever, really pull that off well. Maggie speaks about how she feels that Sam isn't stereotypically handsome, with his messy mop of black hair and his large nose a girl couldn't pull off, but it's his soul that Grace falls in love with. She loves what he's like on the inside. Also, I absolutely love Grace, she's one of the few female characters who actually is strong and gets things done for herself. Like, in Shiver *SPOILER* when Sam gets shot and Grace finds him on her porch I expected her to freak out at all the blood, but she remained calm and did what needed to be done.

i agree

I personally like it when the main guy is hot and I dont read the book if he's not, it's just this thing I have. That said, Noah wasn't my favorite hero by any stretch and Simon is my favorite character from TMI, but I think it's good when there's a mix of hotness and sweetness. Rephaim(HoN), Alexander(Vampire Kisses), Jesse(Mediator), Fane and Decebel(Grey Wolves) are a few guys that come to mind that have qualities beyond the standard "sexy love interest."

Derek Souza in the Darkest Powers Series isn't described as particularly hot-has a really bad acne problem etc. But the main female character falls for him anyway...Kelly Armstrong's books have really strong female characters...If you haven't read anything by her, you should check it out.

I've read a few books where the male was "okay" looking. John greens books, for example, have boys in them that are okay looking, and good looking. But, his books are contemporary fiction. I have yet to read a YA Paranormal/fantasy book that does not have a sexy lead male. And, I agree. We need variety.

deleted user Hm. Yeah your right
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I've thought about the same. He's always hot and mysterious ... It's fine but it gets a little annoying when you've read enough of it.

deleted user I love Puck more than Ash...:D
Jul 06, 2014 02:01PM

I agree... but no YA hero could ever be sexier then Noah

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