Destined (House of Night, #9) Destined question

Alyssha Alyssha Mar 02, 2012 08:46AM
I would have to say Aphrodite is my favorite character. her personality makes me laugh. not because of her bitchieness, but because shes 1. sarcastic as hell. 2. because she speaks the truth.( even if its a little rude) But i mean it is what it is.

Aphrodite because she tells you things straight up and is fierce protecting her friends (aka the Nerd Herd) and Stark cuz he's sweet with Zoey and would do anything to protect her not just cuz of their guardian oath thing but because he truly Luvs her.

For a guy I would pick Stark
For a girl I would pick Grandma Redbird (everyone needs 1 of her)
If I had to pick one of the younger (girl) characters it would be Aphrodite. When everyone else freaks out she hold them together. She is a bitch, and I love her.

maria i would have to say its Erik. Aphrodite and steeve ray. Erik isn't a bad guy. He really isn't they just made him look like he was a jelouse jerk, but ...more
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Male- Dragon
Female- Grandma Redbird :)
Teacher- Lenobia
Animal- Nala (we have a dog version of her:3)

I love Stark and Zoey too, but my favorite character is definetely Aphrodite

Jack, and Damien until Jack dies (Damien doesn't suit emo).

Stevie Ray is def my favorite character, she het stronger in every book :)

For a boy I would pick either Stark or Aurox
For a god I would pick Nyx
For a girl I would pick Grandma Redbird
For a younger girl I would pick either Aphrodite or Zoey

I like Shaunee and Stark :)

Stevie Rae and Rephaim. I love when they are together. Both of them love each other and accept everything of the other.

I love Stark he is my favorite character and he is the best choice for Zoey

I love Jack Twist! He's so cute! I'd also like Erik, but he's too controlling

For girls Stevie Rae and Aphrodite.
For boys Rephiam and Kalona.

Stevie Rae and Rephiam are my OTP and have one of if not the best relationship in the entire series. Aphrodite is sassy and snarky but is also a character who contributes to the story and pushes it forward and I love her. Kalona is a great character who's change from bad guy to good guy is believable and happens over a believable amount of time with certain characters and events pushing him to become better when he's given the chance.

Also the officers from the last book are pretty great and the ones who befriends Kalona are sweet.

i i just wanna let people know.. i admire you if you get past the like... 12th book and.. cause i could.. i literately read accouple pages in and stopped... so wow! you have patience...



My favorite character? hmmm. okay two boys STark and Rephaim!!!!!!!!!!
Girls . Aphrodite and Stevie Rae.

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My top two favorite guy characters are rephaim and stark mainly because they are just so,so interesting love them!

My top three favorite girl characters are, come on out here -drum roll-

Aphrodite!!! -comes on stage with 5inch heels-

Zoey!!! -snuggles on the stage couch with stark-

Last but not least Steviee Raaee!!!! "hey yall"

Alyssha wrote: "I would have to say Aphrodite is my favorite character. her personality makes me laugh. not because of her bitchieness, but because shes 1. sarcastic as hell. 2. because she speaks the truth.( even..."
I so agree.

stevie rae because she is a complete contrast to herself, she is sweet and fun to read about but she has a dark side to her that she fights
aphrodite because she actually makes the book more fun to read, shes hilarious and turned out to be a really good friend to zoey.

Stark he tries to joke and its just laughable when he gets knocked back he kinda reminds me of someone i dont know... o.O hard to explain lolz.

Zoey, Aphrodite, Stevie Rae, Shaunee, Shailyn, Kalona, Aurox/Heath, Damien, Nyx, Lenobia, Travis, Stark(a bit), and Darius but it would really come down to Zoey, Aphrodite, and Heath/Aurox, they make the book more funny, epic, and interesting.

Alyssha wrote: "I would have to say Aphrodite is my favorite character. her personality makes me laugh. not because of her bitchieness, but because shes 1. sarcastic as hell. 2. because she speaks the truth.( even..."

I love Aphrodite too :) As well as Darius, Stevie Rae and Rephaim.

Stark. He is the only reason I haven't given up on the series yet.

My favorite character is Kalona. He's evil, but he seems like a good guy.


Couldn'ta said it better myself. That's exactly how I feel:)

Well I'm mainly interested in Zoey and if they ain't talking about her then Stevie Rae.

Aphrodite, Stevie rae

Favorite Girl=Shaunee: I have loved her sine the beginning. She was my favorite "twin"

Favorite Guy=Rephaim: He is so cute and innocent and I love how much he cares.

Stevie Rae and Damien! I love Stevie Rae's accent and Damien's big words. One of my favorite lines is, "I'm gonna go talk to grass about bulls."

I would definitely have to say Stark. He has so many layers to his character that keeps me enthralled.

Rephaim and Stevie Ray all the way! Only reason why i`m still reading the series! LOVE THEM!

Zo and Aphrodite!

Boy- Heath
Girl- Aphrodite


Alyssha wrote: "I would have to say Aphrodite is my favorite character. her personality makes me laugh. not because of her bitchieness, but because shes 1. sarcastic as hell. 2. because she speaks the truth.( even..."

Exactly!! :D and she have this emotional side to her, that she doesnt want anyone to find out about. She cares about others but dosen't want to let anyone know.
If she hadn't been in the book, i would never had read this series..

Stark and he I-don't-give-a-what attitude. He is a little bit bad ass and hard core but a softy where it counts.

Aphrodite, she was real with what she said and did

THANATOS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aphrodite ! I just love her so much , shes a bitch but shes also funny . Shes strong and tells people what she thinks straight , she doesnt hide it . Shes brave and fierce, but she also has a sensitive side to her :D !

I am done picking favorite characters. Everytime I do, they die.

Zoey and Stark are my two main characters I enjoy reading about them. It kept me reading.

Aphrodite and Zoey

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I would definitely say Aphrodite, she is real, and doesn't take crap. I like her using xanax and wine.... LOL

For a guy, i would have to go for Darius, protective, caring and brave, what everyone wants in a man,

Zoey has way too many issues, but she does get all the crap. So i feel sorry for her.

Guy: Rephaim <3
Girl: Stevie Rae

I would say my favorite character is Shaunee. Since the first uhm like 9 books, (heehee) she's always with that crazy spirit twin of hers who we all know is kinda creepily evil. but she decided to do the right thing. alriiiight she chose light. sheesh. I've always liked their banter with Aphrodite. hilarious my peeps. but all in all it's her affinity to fire. I mean. C'mon, that's like the awesomest element ever! It is covered in awesome souce if you may. ;)

STARK !!!!!!

Stark or Kalona

for guys: Stark and Rephaim
for gurls: Aphrodite, Zoey and Stevie Rae

Stark is so hot, cute, warriorly and just everything every girl wants. I like Rephaim because he so sweet with Stevie Rae. Even though, he is part raven mocker and all but he still loves Stevie Rae. He doesn't care about his past but his present and future.

I love Aphrodite and her bitchy character!! It's like she can be a leader and have funny and bitchy character at the same time.

Of course Stevie Rae, I love the way that she loves Rephaim. It's so sweet and romantic. The part where nobody knows about Stevie Rae and Rephaim and their secret love. It was just perfect! Forbidden love! She loves him for who he is and not for what he had done. And he loves her for who she is too. Just prefect!

And who can miss Zoey Redbird. Well, she does have boyfriend issues. But that's the twist other that the destruction of the world and so on. I love the part she is the chosen one. That she has all 5 elements and was touched by Nyx and all. I also love her for her love life. Well, I guess everybody know about Zoey & Stark or Heath. But I really wish she will and always be with Stark! Now with Heath's soul in Aurox, it's just so frustrating. It could just be simple like. Heath get lost. Ta Da Zoey & Stark forever. But sad. Heath came into her life. But it was sweet when Aurox asked Zoey at the end of Hidden "And who was he to you?" (about Heath). And Zoey thought (he was my problem, he was my pain in the ass, he was my boyfriend and.......) sorry I can't remember. She answered Aurox with just a simple word she said "He was my humanity." that was really sweet and romantic!! Sorry Heath I will and always love Stark and Zoey!!

Stark and Shaunee

F 25x33
Nicole Those two are my favorite too.
Apr 13, 2014 06:27AM

I would pick the twins and maybe Stark

oveasly Aphrodite, Steve ray, Erick... kanola is okay... actualy he was okay.. then he fell for Zoey... i couldnt keep on reading after the 11th book... i mean seriously....i just couldn't.... maybe that new girl... shes okay... oh! raphaelm! i love him.... and thats it...

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