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Matthew and the Derelict - free e-novella out now

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EZRead eBookstore | 58 comments Mod
Joseph, if you're an indie author, you should contact me about free promotion and publication. EZRead supports self-published authors.

- EZRead Staffer, Amelia

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EZRead eBookstore | 58 comments Mod
I can easily help you get started with EZRead, if you'd like. Just go to our website to check out our selection, particularly our Indie Author Marketplace:

EZRead provides book reviews, author interviews, and promotions for free. For publication, we provide free ISBN#s and free digital conversion.

Feel free to send me a message on GoodReads or an email at

Hope to hear from you soon :)

- EZRead Staffer, Amelia

message 3: by Sue (new)

Sue Julsen (suejulsen) Joseph, you will LOVE publishing with EZRead!! I published both my books with them, will have a third book out later this year. They are great!

message 4: by EZRead (new)

EZRead eBookstore | 58 comments Mod
It's good to hear you agree, Sue! I'm happy we are still making you happy :)

message 5: by Sue (new)

Sue Julsen (suejulsen) Was my lucky day when you found me, and I'm very happy, Amelia! Every chance I get, I tell everyone about EZRead, and how great you are to work with. :)

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