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message 1: by Laz (new)

Laz the Sailor (laz7) I've been on GR for about a month. In addition to Mysteries and Thrillers, I enjoy SciFi and Erotica. Or course, blending them together is also good.
My favorite authors in this category are Dana Stabenow, Robert Crais, Nevada Barr, Laurie King, Barry Eisler, SJ Rozan, John Ringo, and several others.
If I am planning a trip somewhere I've never been, I try to read a mystery set in that location. Mystery authors tend to be heavy on description and ambiance, so these books are sort of an unofficial tourist guide to that city.
I'm not a fan of Fantasy or Vampires, and I avoid non-fiction unless it's strongly recommended.

message 2: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 19 comments Hi there,
Welcome. I like how you said you read a book about the place you are traveling to, I will have to start doing that. :)

message 3: by Donna, Co-Moderator (new)

Donna | 2178 comments Mod
Welcome Laz, I too like to read a mystery set in places I've traveling to - or been to.

message 4: by Laz (new)

Laz the Sailor (laz7) I'm all set for some future trip to Alaska!

message 5: by Hayes, Co-Moderator (new)

Hayes (hayes13) | 2060 comments Mod
Hi Laz, thanks for joining us.

message 6: by Beth (new)

Beth | 408 comments Welcome, Laz! I, too, enjoy Dana Stabenow's and Robert Crais's books, and Nevada Barr's early books before they became too dark for me. Here's some more outdoor-oriented mystery author suggestions (like Dana & Nevada): CJ Box, William Kent Krueger, and myself: Beth Groundwater.

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