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Book Which Gives us a Moral we should remember Always
Shana Shana Mar 01, 2012 10:48PM
Which is the best Book to learn a lesson or moral in our Life?
A story Teach us something?

I agree with Ahmad. It is a MUST read book

Disliked The Secret, and agree that it lacks depth. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is much better. There are many spiritual books which tend to show not tell, as The Secret Does. There are other books with the same title, but this one if you come to it having read many spiritual and self-help books is not novel or challenging.

its a great book ... i enjoyed reading it .

When I first discovered the LOA through this book I desperately followed allllll the advice and suggestions. I visualised, I monitored my thoughts, I did the exercises... and I struggled. I struggled Big time! And it seemed that I was doing exactly what others were doing... and still getting nowhere.

Through much drama and struggle, and trial and error... and did I mention drama... (and I was told I was "doing it wrong" - but I was doing exActly what the others were doing)... I discovered that if a person is not getting results, it's not necessarily that they're "doing it wrong". I learned about the subconscious, and core beliefs, and how they affect our lives.

Because each person has a unique life experience, and because our subconscious is programmed as we grow (it's how we learn most of what we know - we wouldn't survive if we had to learn everything consciously) each of us has a unique set of core beliefs. And these beliefs affect every decision, every choice we make, the way we behave, the way we respond, the way we relate to others, the way we communicate, the way we conduct ourselves... all on automatic. And all of those things result in the circumstances we find ourselves in, the relationships we have, the way we treat ourselves, the successes or failures we experience... and so much more. And for some people those beliefs are so engrained, and so powerful, they can try as hard as they like consciously, but because the subconscious beliefs are running on automatic in the background, they are affecting everything the person does without their even being aware of it.

I think "The Secret" is an excellent introduction to the Law of Attraction, but it is just that - an introduction. And I think it's important for readers to know that using only the information in this book may well work for them, and if so, that's great. BUT, if it doesn't work for them, it doesn't mean it doesn't work, and it doesn't mean they're doing it wrong. It just means there's more for them to find out. More to research and more to learn about the process.

Your neighbour recommends a particular lawnmower, and he's had great results - his lawn looks fabulous, and it was so easy to use... so you get the same one. Exactly the same model. And you start mowing your lawn... and the lawnmower jams, and it snags, and it won't cut the grass. It doesn't mean the lawn mower doesn't work, and it doesn't mean you're opperating it incorrectly. It may be that your grass is so much longer than your neighbour's, or that you have a lot of rocks, or that the ground is uneven. Perhaps you need a slightly different tool to begin with - if the grass is too long, perhaps a strimmer would do it, and THEN the lawnmower works perfectly.

I eveeeentually found the right tools to get my lawn into a state that enables the lawnmower to work perfectly. ;)

Taneka Great explanation! I agree with you, "The Secret" is only an introduction to the LoA. You have to put in the work and continue to progress in the teac ...more
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beautiful book. still havent seen d videos yet :(

This book is great! The movie is good also! It is repetitive but isn't repetition how we learn?

Taneka Indoctrination can occur with anything. They do the same thing in schools, but that doesn't mean we students should stop attending. You have to put in ...more
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A good read simplistic in it's approach. It delivers a powerful message. It's the kind of book that you can't ahem speed read through for it to absorb properly. You give this to a child or an adult.

Its a must read. The simple examples from daily life can be applied and you can feel the change but definitely you need to believe them first.

This book is very poorly written and tediously repetitive. The message is solid, but could have been delivered in about 3 pages. The rest of the book is essentially repeating one message and without any elegance.

If u want to change ur life..must read The Secret..! i'm sure ur life will be changed..!

you can read Robin Sharma ( The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari).

I won't recommend the secret. It states things that many books have stated, and i guess the more seasoned readers will never recommend it as well.

It's a poor writing. I'm aware that many self-help topics comes with repetitive titles but this book has gone too far off.

The book in my point only emphasizes one thing, your thought counts. That's all. There's a chapter that says good things comes with good thoughts, and then the author bombs and fill the pages with stupid quotes from random people. It lacks the smoothness in writing.

After a long debate of good thing follows good thought, the author went on to say bad things happen with bad thoughts. And similarly bombs and fill the pages with stupid quotes and stupid examples.

Very very poor writing. Message is repetitive. The whole book delivers just one message. And the author is a bad writer that fails to make a reader follow in her thoughts, and proceeds to make it worst by providing stupid quotes here and there.

Never ever waste your money on this. I'm so thankful i borrowed from a friend but chuck it after an hour of speed reading.

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