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Onyxia The Dragon So,what should we do?

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Onyxia The Dragon How about......a vampire/blood slave story?I'll be the blood slave if you want.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments umm sorrieh I was gone. Hmmm

Vampire/blood it sound GOOD lol... Okkeihs

Onyxia The Dragon Alright.My blood slave is a 17 year old boy.Just gonna warn you.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments Oh a 17 so Im older then?

Onyxia The Dragon Well,yeah.Vampires live forever.Is your vampire gonna be a boy or a girl?Oh,and what's her age appearance?

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments Its a she then Hmm her apperance? hmmm

Her age would be like youngster lol jk i think like a umm 18? Maybe? yea

Onyxia The Dragon Okay.I'll create my guy.

Name:Drake Davis
Personality:Irritable,can be kind,quiet.
History:He has been a blood slave all his life.Every vampire he had to give blood to treated him poorly.He would always end up running away.Now that he's a blood slave again,he keeps wondering if he will be treated right.
Other:He seems to be a pro at skateboarding.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments Hmmm Interesting Or should I say Fangtastico? lol

I'll create mine She will would be awesome XD give me some minutes. :D

Onyxia The Dragon okay

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments Name: Jeslin York
age: 18
Gender: Female


Personality: She's stubborn, caring, sneaky and lonesome.
History: She was bitten by a vampire while in the wood in a camp. She was alone looking for someone. But who to satisfy her loneliness?
Other: She a skill person in archery and in music.

Onyxia The Dragon Coolio.You want to start?

Onyxia The Dragon Okay,I'll start.

Drake was walking on the side of the road with his head down.It was raining and he didn't have a coat.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments ((Oh im sorrieh I was helping my mum. SOrrieh)))

Jeslin was looking at the note in her hand. "Sheez humans don't change don't they?" She said as she passed a fighting couple.

Onyxia The Dragon He kept walking down the road.He glanced around at the people around him.Once he caught sight of Jeslin,he looked down again.Great....another bloodsucker........

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments She bit her lips. She had a feeling someone knew her. She glanced around putting the note away in the pocket of her coat. She kept a good grip of the umbrella she had

Onyxia The Dragon He started to get closer to her.I hope she's not hungry.....if she is,then I'll end up being her blood pack.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments A boy was walking toward her. She got the chill maybe from the air? Or was just a feeling. She turned her face at the opposite direction looking at the stores and building.

Onyxia The Dragon He started to walk past her.

Onyxia The Dragon ((hello?))

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments Jeslinn could sense something about him.

(Sorrie copm is slow n frooze.... :\)

Onyxia The Dragon ((it's okay))

He sat on a bench a couple feet away from her.He brushed his wet hair out of his eyes.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments "Now how am I supposed to know this guy? I guess tomorrow will be fine." She sighted crumbling the piece of paper. "Life just a pain...."

Onyxia The Dragon He drummed his fingers on his leg.Stupid rain.....

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments she threw the paper on the floor and walked away holding her umbrella. That guy he seemed suspicious. and he's all wet....

She walked toward him. "You're gonna get sick if you sit on this rain like this. Im just saying." She said before heading her way.

Onyxia The Dragon He rolled his eyes and leaned back.I'm not listening to a bloodsucker that I'm not a blood slave for.....

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments "Sheez how stubborn..."She said laughing as she walked turning around the corner. "Its his problems. A vampire slave..."

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Onyxia The Dragon His eyes grew wide as he heard her say that last part.He bolted up and walked after her.He caught her wrist."How did you know about that!?!"

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments She didn't looked at him but neither stopped her self.
"Its sensible. They can tell the difference between a ordinary human and a vampire slave." She pulled away.

Onyxia The Dragon He narrowed his eyes at her."All of you are the same."

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments "You think. Tsk. You wish we all were." Jeslin said looking around. Something didn't seem right.

Onyxia The Dragon "Well,you act like all of the ones I've run away from."He noticed the way she was looking around."What?"

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments She didn't respond. She closed her umbrella. Started to get wet. Someone...was around. not just a Someone but a vamp.

Onyxia The Dragon "Hey......"He started to become suspicious.He started to look around too.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments She threw her umbrella. "Come out you fool. Hiding is not gonna fool me. I can sense your vampire killing self." She said loud and clear changing her voice tone. She glance at the boy . "Was someone following you?"

Onyxia The Dragon "No.Is there another vampire around here?"

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments "You can tell can you?" She sighted. "I said vampire killing self didn't I? it should have answered our question."

The noise came from above in the trees. No one was around at the moment.

Onyxia The Dragon "Crap......I think he found me."

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments her eyes narrowed at him but then she stood on the middle of the road.

"Its no fun to chase someone that doesn't like it you know? Just show your face? Or i'm leaving. I have to go somewhere. "

Onyxia The Dragon Drake felt something like a sharp pain in his head.He clenched his teeth as it grew more painful.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments Jeslin looked up. "Leave him alone you dont own him.:" She said turning around looking seriously dead.
"And i said it was no FUN to chase someone that doesnt like it! Come toward me then I got blood too. vampire blood tastes better than his you know that don't you."
Her eyes glared.

Onyxia The Dragon Drake felt the pain grow sharper.Then,he felt something sink into his neck.

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ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments she gave in pushing the vampire off from the boy.

She showed off her fangs ready to do anything. "worthless junk."

Onyxia The Dragon He reached for the bite on his neck.He hissed as the pain spread through his neck.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments She just watched. "run." She mumbled.

"Just cant give it up?"

Onyxia The Dragon He fell to his knees.

The vampire grabbed his neck."You're very stupid.Running away from me is not smart."He knelt down and bit into Drake's neck deeply.

Drake's eyes rolled to the back of his head.He passed out.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments She laughed evilly. "Such an idiot. And Im addressing to you wortless piece of crap." She pointed at the vampire running to him pushing him off biting his neck then kicking him making him stumble.

"And I in the other hand dont give second chances. Its better to be alone."

Onyxia The Dragon The vampire hissed at her."Don't interfere!He's not you're slave!"

Drake slowly woke up.He moved his head weakly from the blood loss.

ᔓᗢᗰᕈᓰᖇᙓ❧ (ur-secreto-suker) | 171 comments "So? He ain't yours anymore." She snapped wiping the dirty blood of her face. "If YOU WANT HIM SO BAD GET RID OF ME FIRST SO I WONT HAVE TO INTERFERE. YOU PIECE OF CRAP!"

She grin.

Onyxia The Dragon "As a matter of fact,that is my slave.But then again,maybe you would like to have him."The vampire raised his eye brow.

Drake moaned as blood poured from his neck.

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