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What are U doing today? > Sunday Dec. 7, 2008

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message 1: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckymurr) We went to cut down our Christmas tree today & I have a great dinner planned & I am enjoying the time with my husband.....

message 2: by Joy H., Group Founder (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments Did you get a big tree, Becky? We made room for our tree by moving some furniture around. It's artificial. So we took it out of the box and set it up. Next step is to put the lights on.

It must have been fun cutting the tree down. We used to buy live trees but we've slowed down as we've gotten older. I love the scent of a fresh Christmas tree.

message 3: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckymurr) Joy, we have had an artificial tree for many years & last year my husband got the box out of the attic & he looked at me & I looked at him & our son wasn't home from college yet to help out. So we got in the truck, drove around the corner to our friend's tree farm & cut our own. We did the same thing today but the tree is very small this year. I have a very large Christmas village set up in our very small living room, so we moved things around to make everything fit LOL!!!!The tree is adorable, nice shape but short!!

message 4: by Joy H., Group Founder (last edited Dec 07, 2008 04:14PM) (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments Small or large, it's still a real tree, Becky. Sounds cute.

I love the idea of a Christmas village. During the last few years I've been putting a little village on our bay window shelf. Each year I add a few more pieces or figurines. It's a fantasy land for me.

Yes, it's hard finding room for everything. Even taking things out and putting them away is a job. But I suppose you'd call it a labor of love. Enjoy!

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