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message 1: by Sylvie (new)

Sylvie (everlight) | 10 comments Mod
Just thought it would be a good idea to start up a thread for actual discussion on Expendable Few. As there is a spoiler warning in the title of the thread, feel free to spill the beans about anything and everything.

message 2: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments So I am done and hope that the Singapore sort of migrates it's way to the triton crew.

message 3: by Sylvie (new)

Sylvie (everlight) | 10 comments Mod
I freaking LOVE Remmy. I really, REALLY hope he ends up in the "main" series... (Looking at you, Randy!!! lol)

message 4: by Richieb (new)

Richieb | 2 comments how can clarke go over to the bad side i thought he was a goody
and some one needs to kill wheeler once and for all

message 5: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments 2 things, one thing is that I meant the sunspire not the Singapore (damned autocorrect) and 2nd is that wheeler is the antagonist, he is the rival in your Pokemon, the light to your dark. Wheeler's character is made to make you think how is he going to betray them next. He cant be killed or a new evil would arise and he would say be reincarnated. Oh and a third. Isabell nooo!!!! I wanted to see how it played out with Clark actualy not being in love with her.

message 6: by Jack (last edited Mar 02, 2012 04:50PM) (new)

Jack | 23 comments I may only be 61 pages into it (I will get caught up to all of you by the end of this weekend) and the ship to ship has begun. I now remember why I love this series so much. And as I read what's posted here, I am walking around with my fingers in my ears. . . . er, um, over my eyes going, "La-la-la-la-la", knowing that nothing pre-known could possibly spoil the story for me.

Now if only #7 were to be released. (hint-hint)

message 7: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments I like that hint, and I second the notion

message 8: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments Please don't be annoyed if I start to post more often but I am impatient(although I don't want to sound needy) and I wish I could take an active roll in the development of my new favorite Seiries but from the quality of work shown in these books, I can see that I would be just 1 in countless ranks of people wishing to take part in those immense production. Sorry if I got a little cosmic on you there but I realy mean it, it would be wonderful to say that I had put some work of any kind into the masterpiece I'll surely be reading as soon as the next book comes out. Thanks for listening to my rant, hope it puts the dedication of many readers into perspective.

message 9: by Adam (new)

Adam (Adam_Bryant) | 17 comments I'm glad to see that Weeler still doesn't know that Ashly has the Tritons command codes.
I half expect remmy and Davi to be partners in crime but part of the crew, I wonder if mary will arrive in the crew and I was really shocked about Isabel.

message 10: by Scheherizade (new)

Scheherizade Mq | 29 comments Is this also where our inner proofreader can come to point out how smug they feel in having spotted a typo or grammatical error, while in all probability this paragraph is riddled with typos and other sundry errors deflating said smugness ... ?

message 11: by Adam (new)

Adam (Adam_Bryant) | 17 comments Scheherizade wrote: "Is this also where our inner proofreader can come to point out how smug they feel in having spotted a typo or grammatical error, while in all probability this paragraph is riddled with typos and ot..."

I noticed a few also found a few words.
I thought they used color instead of the english colour in Randys area?

message 12: by Scott (new)

Scott Schneider (schneider) | 9 comments I loved exfew even tho it got me soo emotionally involved that when like Isabel died made me angry along with how freeground turned into, its sad and angry at the same time, and cannot believe freeground is going to be working with wheeler >.> and kind of frustrates me how Clark turned out in the end. and Adam I really don't think we will see Mary again, even wheeler told clark that he sees that she is settled down on a farming planet for 30 years

message 13: by Gary (new)

Gary Proctor | 14 comments So..If I remember correctly, hadn't Wheeler shown up on the Triton back on Tamber to lay claim to it and ran into Ayan (and almost Jake)? Is this the same Wheeler who is now with Carter? I'm not sure there was enough timeline info to know for sure. What are the chances that there is more than one Wheeler Framework running around? Particularly since this one seems to be able shape-shift.

The most distressing thing for me about this book was to see what Freeground has turned into. They always represented, for me anyway, a bright light in the Universe. A bastion of hope. But now they seem to be playing strange political games and not helping the effort against the Eden folks.

message 14: by Scott (new)

Scott Schneider (schneider) | 9 comments Wheeler was on Triton when they he made his claim for it and thats when Jake pointed at him and turned is face into the triton skull and everyone followed his suit. and yes i agree it was destressing and not to mention how they are turning to "reprogramming" and trying to control people now its just sad to see that a symbol of freedom turn so.. well evil

message 15: by Allan (new)

Allan (allanb) | 5 comments Mary is not going to join the new crew, supposedly, she joins some organic farm colony somewhere... as per wheeler's borrowed memories.

I love Remmy and Davi as well.
I think it's great that Clarke became an Issyrian hybrid, it's a nice counter to the Edxians that I suppose may be encountered in the future... so I hope ;)

Awesome book, just awesome. Love the way it ended, but it makes me want Broadcast 7 to come out faster, even more! ZOMG I'm SFDSing bad

message 16: by Allan (new)

Allan (allanb) | 5 comments Oh, and totally love the take on "Going Native". Perfect.

message 17: by Scott (new)

Scott Schneider (schneider) | 9 comments yeah but i just dont like how clark turned on everyone in a way didnt care about mary anymore.. or izzy its just yeah idk wish that was different lol

message 18: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments Clark didn't turn on them, the only one who his feelings were natural in origin is Mary, and he doesn't feel that anymore, he has also lost his camaraderie because that was programmed into him to.

message 19: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments As for wheeler, I totaly saw that coming, randy is defietly trying to show us freeground's not so bright side. He wants us to see that every government has an agenda, freeground included.

message 20: by Scott (new)

Scott Schneider (schneider) | 9 comments true ture

message 21: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments I have a feeling that in "season 2" as randy calls it, that the crew will try to go home and find that it's not the same freeground that they thought. As to the point about the edxians, I totally agree. I think that as soon as the main Seiries, finds the sunspire, that the edxians will find their way into the Seiries,(probably in season2 or even season 3) but that would be interesting. I'm also speculating here but I think that the good (female-ish, i suppose) doctor, taught Clark how to use the framework effectively. Like what jake needed to know. I think Clark will teach jake. Also I am brought back to jake "healing" Ayan, didn't she take that spec ops framework pill, wouldn't that be what saved her? Not jake, and the feeling he gets is his bidy's mechenisims trying to connect with a machine and finding none.

message 22: by Gary (new)

Gary Proctor | 14 comments I don't get the sense that our Triton friends will be trying to go home. If anything I think a meet up with the new Sunspire will put an end to that. I feel like this book was in part Randy's way of telling us they would not be going back to their "Origins". The Sunspire/Firstlight going to meet up with Triton is interesting as I have been wrestling with what the fate of Triton will be. I have a lot invested in that ship through the last few books, and I am wont to let her go...Though the return of the Sunspire could make that possible.

Also, if you read the preview of book 7, Ayan is a big part of things, but it also points out that there are multiple and different "futures" out there. So the fact the Wheeler saw Mary go elsewhere could mean nothing at all.

It is interesting to suppose that the Issyrians could be a force for the Edxians to recon with since the are distantly related! Very interesting indeed!

message 23: by Adam (new)

Adam (Adam_Bryant) | 17 comments I got the feeling that freeground was a big nono, I feel like jake could start a new alience of words that may get the attention of the earth force to battle against OoE, just intime for a new enemy to appear!

message 24: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments Oh my gosh, I just got how the alternate timeline fits in, wheeler now brought the triton to the sunspire and now the triton and sunspire are going to tamber where jake and crew are and they're going to meet up so jake and wheeler are teeming up just like what the VM said.

message 25: by Adam (new)

Adam (Adam_Bryant) | 17 comments err it says noting about the Triton being with him, it just say's he will with draw the claim of ownership.
EF is meant to run parallel to Broadcast 7 to fill in some of the plot holes. As far as anyone knows the Triton is still impounded at Tamber.
Weeler has some of the command codes were as (I think that was in B7) Jake, Ayan or OZ has the command chip and Ashly has the Earth forces command codes.

message 26: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments No I don't mean it's with him now , I mean they will meet up and hopefully wrench possetion of the ship from wheeler's cold dead hands. Althought that will probably not happen, it is possible that the triton will make it's way back to the crew.

message 27: by Gary (new)

Gary Proctor | 14 comments I'm still not sure that there isn't more than one Wheeler running around!

message 28: by Scott (new)

Scott Schneider (schneider) | 9 comments I agree, I believe that he has "other" plans and not just trying to steer away from OoE

message 29: by Shirley (new)

Shirley | 1 comments I think we might see Mary again - why would they follow her for 30 years just digging in the dirt, she may have a pivotal timeline changing role - or maybe Wheeler just lied - he does that sometimes you know.

message 30: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments Quite alot, unfortunately. You see, Randolph sort of migrated away from the character as the book progressed, preparing us subliminally for the seperation from her, potentially indefinitely

message 31: by Scott (new)

Scott Schneider (schneider) | 9 comments hmm i see yes, the only thing i can say for certain is that RL sure knows how to create an amazing rollercoaster with flips, twists and turns

message 32: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments I second that opinion wholeheartedly, and have a question to pose, if Clark did show jake the immense (hypothetical) power of framework, what would another awesome framework power be, answar back.

message 33: by Gene (new)

Gene Martin (genom) | 1 comments Wasn't there a quick reference to Framework's ability to interface with nearby electronic devices? Or did I dream that one?

message 34: by Scott (new)

Scott Schneider (schneider) | 9 comments I dont know, i know if you a framework can sync with technology through touch (vacsuits, guns, piloting ships) but i dont know if you can wirelessly

message 35: by Hayden (last edited Mar 15, 2012 06:42PM) (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments Well it would be a sensible thing to build in instead of a neural link to interface with a fighter (as referenced in book) use framework. Also I belive that jake wire/touch lessly deactivated a c&c unit. So it would be convenient if rl confirmed but 4 now, I'm going on the assumption that there is.

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