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jueun (jueunkang) Yah I made a stupid park now go away. No, just role play here. :)

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jueun (jueunkang) Bella was walking Oreo in the park, talking to him. "I wonder what's up with Nichole and James. They're so suspicious." she chatted away as Oreo sniffed the ground curiously.

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"hey Bella!" Nova said waving to her friend, she had just showered after lacrosse practice, and escaped her sisters secretive path. "Nice dog." she said she whistled and called over her own two dogs "Meet, Tank the bulldog- http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/images23/... , and Buster the black lab- http://puppysites.com/deluxe/wassooke... " She said smiling

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jueun (jueunkang) "Hi! Hi Tank, Buster!" Bella said cheerfully. "I just got him. His name's Oreo," Bella said mentioning the small border collie.
Oreo: [image error]

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"Cool, I love dogs they never complain. My sister has been dragging me everywhere, and complaining about how she doesn't have a boyfriend. She is so annoying sometimes. Ya know?" Nova said while she threw a stick to the dogs and let them chase and puppy fight for it.

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jueun (jueunkang) "Oh wow." Bella rolled her eyes. "I don't have a boyfriend and I don't complain," she laughed.

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"Well your not in highschool, and all of Darcy's friends have boyfriends,and she feels so out of it. But to be honest I just think she gets lonley" Nova said smiling "I want to be a pschyologist when I grow up, so I usually study my sister as a patent" Nova added laughing

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Oreo is sooo cute! ^^))

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jueun (jueunkang) ((ikr?! XD))
"Oh that sucks. My brother's not interested I guess and there's his friend Kendall." Bella replied thoughtfully.

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"Oh I know, she wants to date an 'older guy' whatever that means" Nova said rolling her eyes, her sister was ridiculous

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jueun (jueunkang) "How old is your sister?" Bella asked thinking rapidly.

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"17." Nova said "What are you thinking?" Nova asked

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jueun (jueunkang) "Ohh.... Nevermind." Bella said thoughtfully, but changing her mind.

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"What were you thinking, bells?" Nova asked intrigued "You can't keep a secret from me."

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jueun (jueunkang) "Noo he's the same age." Bella shook her head.

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"Ohhhh, well she'll settle for someone her own age one day. She just wants a 'mature guy' she says all the boys she know are so childish. She just wants soemone who will act their age." Nova said laugjing at her sisters comments from earlier "She knows dating could never work because of umm, nevermind." nova said quickly

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Opal walked into the park holding her new cat, Sugar Paws. She wa so happy she had saved the money for it.

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jueun (jueunkang) "Oh wow." Bella laughed. "Honestly, that's kinda true. But a 'mature' guy is like um... Oh yeah Kendall and James's friend Logan but he lives in Texas. He's visiting next week though." Bella bounced.

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"Oooo, I'll have to tell her so she shuts up!" ((Where is this town again.)) Nova said laughing "Boys are too overrated for me, I just stick with puppies, fashion and sports"

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jueun (jueunkang) ((its like umm... let's say los angeles. :)))
"Yeah. I'll make sure he comes then." Bella laughed. "I don't really pay attention to guys. Just sticking my head into notebooks and doodling." she laughed.

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((this is sugar paws: http://warriorskys13.webs.com/Gingerp... )) opal loved the collar she got that had a silver leather collar and this charm that said sugar paws on the back.

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"My mom is looking for models for her agancie, I'm already one of them, wanna join? My sister is working at my dad's fashion agency, but I'm too young she says." Nova said her ponytail bouncing as she talked

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jueun (jueunkang) ((Adorable kitty ^^))
"What? That would be really cool..." Bella replied.

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"Great, they want some young models. My sister is coming up with her first collection for the 'new' generation" Nova said "Stop by my house anytime, and we can have you fitted for an outfit or 2." Nova added. Then as she looked at the text from her sister *Help me! It's happening again* "Ohhh, umm Bella-" Nova stared at the text. Oh-no she thought

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jueun (jueunkang) "Oh that's cool. I'll call you then... Wait, what's wrong?" Bella asked confused at Nova as she stared at her phone.

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"It's just my sister... shes sick. I would call it" Nova replied. She'd never told anyone her sisters problem, but she trusted Bella

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jueun (jueunkang) "Ohh she's sick. That sucks. I don't like being sick either." Bella nodded.

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"It's not the kind of sick you think of- She was born 'sick' and its something she can't get rid of. She has intense pain on the inside, and headaches" nova explanid

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jueun (jueunkang) "Ohh that's so sad!" Bella said sadly.

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"It's fine- And sometimes she just goes... blank. She can't remeber anything and she just goes paralyzed." Nova said almost crying

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jueun (jueunkang) "Ohh... THat's so sad." Bella said with pity.

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Nova smiled lightly "Well, I've got to go to he just don't tell anyone about Darcy's 'sickness'" Nova said getting up and whistling over her dogs

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jueun (jueunkang) "Of course not." Bella nodded as Oreo bounded toward her as she clipped on his leash.

thelastrevolutionary Elle starts to walk her Italian greyhound Echo http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia....

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jueun (jueunkang) "Ohh they're so cute! Especially Lily! I just got a dog, Oreo." Bella said as she saw Elle.

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thelastrevolutionary Thank you said Elle smiling her voice had a British accent . This is Amber she says gesturing to the puppy in her arms http://www.cutepuppiesforsale.net/wp-... I am Elle Gavotch she said to Bella.

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jueun (jueunkang) "Ohh Amber's really adorable. Hi Elle. I'm guessing you're in High School?" Bella cocked her head.

thelastrevolutionary Yes says Elle. I am in Highschool. Her British accent becoming more noticeable.

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((your a crazy dog lady! LOL :P))

thelastrevolutionary (( Jueun I deleted my estate. I'm sorry. I asked for a mansion on the housing topic.))

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jueun (jueunkang) "Ohh you're British!" Bella exclaimed finally noticing it. "I have a brother who's in high school and so are his friends. Except Carlos is in New Mexico and Logan's in Texas but he's coming to visit and Kendall's here too," Bella added.

thelastrevolutionary (( I LOVE DOGS))

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jueun (jueunkang) ((kk lol i luv dogs too~ i hve one. :)))

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(((I have a black lab, Buster. he's the best since- Chocolate labs are less cuddly and kind of yippish, and yellow labs well, are a little 'simple'))

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jueun (jueunkang) ((Really? i have a three-breed mix. labrador-yellow, german shepard,and pit bull :)))

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((intresting mix. Busters a purebreed- hes all lab.))

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jueun (jueunkang) ((ohh. cool XD))

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