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jueun (jueunkang) There's lots of places to shop, 7 jeans, Forever 21, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, but there's certain things. Left side of the mall is ya know, Target, cheapo and everyday stores. Middle is mainly food court and just fountains and stuff. Right side is fancy and the designer stores. You may browse in designer stores, but its better if you buy something there. ^^
NO JOBS and you must have a person to check out your own items. :)

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nichole had fallen silent for the rest of the ride, her mind wondering as her gaze was locked on the window. But as soon as the car came to a stop, she was outside at record speed.

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jueun (jueunkang) "We're here!" James said cutting off the engine as Bella hopped out.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nichole's lips curved into a smile, "Good. I hate car drives." She muttered, her gaze outlining the entrance to the mall.

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jueun (jueunkang) "Oh wow." James grinned getting off. "Hurry up!" Bella bounced, her red curls flying.

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Darcy was inside when she saw her friends jump out of their car. She didn't rush over to say 'hi' She and Nova just entered the Gucci store. She did NOT want them knowing why she was here, it was her secret, and hers alone

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Come on than." Nichole giggled, already heading off toward the door of the mall. Her hands were in her violet jacket pockets, her hair dangling down her back along with her coat's hoody.

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jueun (jueunkang) "Okay!" Bella called after Nichole. James ran to catch up with them.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nichole's gaze shifted about as they entered the mall. For a moment she paused, seeming to resemble a person going to a mall for the first time. Yet she always managed to keep up or to catch up.

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jueun (jueunkang) "Come on!" Bella said dragging Nichole to the pet shop. "Oh god slower!" James called running after them.

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Darcy eyed her friends as they came near the store she was hiding in "Whats wrong with you?" Nova hissed
Darcy rolled her eyes and responded "Don't act stupid you know"
"Oh my goodness, is it seriously about 'that'" Nova said
"It's embarrassing, I don't want my friends to know" Darcy begged "Just hide out in here."
"Fine" Nova shrugged

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Jueun wrote: ""Come on!" Bella said dragging Nichole to the pet shop. "Oh god slower!" James called running after them."

Nichole smiled, following up and trying not to stumble as she was once more dragged along. She finally retracted her hand, in the petshop, her eyes sparkling with an aww look as she gazed over the animals.

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jueun (jueunkang) "This is so cool!" Bella squealed running over to the dogs section. "God Bella THIS excited?!" James gasped as he entered.

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((My inturnet went out for nearly 2 hours...))

Nichole rolled her eyes, smiling. "Don't tell me your not excited." She giggled.

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jueun (jueunkang) ((oh wow...))
"Okay fine I am." James said grinning.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Alrighty." Nichole replied, sliding something into James's hand.

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jueun (jueunkang) "What?" James asked not bothering to see what was slid into his hand. He was staring at Bella, who was talking her butt off to a little border collie who was patiently listening to her.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Two-Hundred dollars should get you the puppy...." Nichole muttered, starting to walk off toward a certaint aisle, "I'm going to find some puppy food....and some training pads...."

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jueun (jueunkang) "Oh okay then." James nodded walking over to Bella.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nichole's lips parted in a soft sigh as she made her way down the aisle, grabbing a red basket as she went along. She pulled out a soft blue squeaky toy, and tossed it in the basket, soon adding puppy chow, training padds and a little water and food bowls, to the basket. She than rejoined James and Bella.

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((DOgs cost $800- $1000 dollars to buy))

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jueun (jueunkang) ((I got mine cheaper... Ugh whatever))

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jueun (jueunkang) "I want this one." Bella poured to James. "Do you know how expensive this one is?!" James replied. "It's a good deal!" Bella replied. "You're lucky we're even gettin a dog!" James shot back.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((I got one of mine for free, and the other for $100.00))

"Just get it." Nichole said softly.

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jueun (jueunkang) "Fine." James sighed walking to the counter "You can like get my brother to do anything." Bella grinned to Nichole.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nichole giggled. "Maybe, he's just crushying.."

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jueun (jueunkang) "Oh that would be so cool!! My brother hasn't been interested in girls since his last girlfriend though." Bella said thoughtfully.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "What happened with her?" Nichole questioned, than pursed her lips together, "Sorry....I'm not trying to be nosey...."

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((Oh, well mine was a dog was a purebredd- hes still stupid tho- for 400.00 as a discount, most mixed breeds are cheaper, and I just googled dog prices. :P))

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jueun (jueunkang) "Oh. She got into a car accident." Bella replied simply.

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((Check the chatting page))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((My dog Fawn was only 100 bucks, she's a full bred long hiared chiahua.))

"O my gosh....." Nichole muttered, her gaze shifting up to James.

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((Im sorry but I hate chiahuas or any rat/small dogs. And well thats not really a normal price for a dog. If you get the dog at a pound or shelter they r cheaper because they're mixes... I love shelters!!! We got my dog at a farm tho.))

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Lumpia Lover | 359 comments ((Silverlight?))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Yellow!))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Natalie wrote: "((Im sorry but I hate chiahuas or any rat/small dogs. And well thats not really a normal price for a dog. If you get the dog at a pound or shelter they r cheaper because they're mixes... I love she..."

((The furry one is Fawn, the other dog is Gyspie, and the cat is Bell.))

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Lumpia Lover | 359 comments ((Um Rin is tryint to reach nate on his cellphone....))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Alrighty.))

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Lumpia Lover | 359 comments ((Tanku!))

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Darcy spotted the kids and quikly grabbed Nova's hand and ducked near a food court van "Nova stopp pulling!" Darcy whispered And finally she grabbed nova again and started speed walking to the mall doors

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jueun (jueunkang) "Yup. She died." Bella replied quietly moving her finger over her neck. "So we came here from Las Vegas wih Alyssa."

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nichole pursed her lips together, closing her eyes for a moment. "It must be hard for him to get close to anyone....after that...."

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jueun (jueunkang) "Yeah. He locked up himself in his room for a week. He didn't really eat much either. So now he acts like nothing bad ever happened in his life but it's not true." Bella said softly.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Was he there....when it happened?" Nichole muttered.

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jueun (jueunkang) "Well... We were in the store next to where she got into the accident. He wanted to get her a present. Then she died." Bella said

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nichole fell silent, her mind softly twirling with these new facts. Her gaze seemed locked on James, sorrow sparkling in her eyes.

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Lumpia Lover | 359 comments ((Silverlight? hello?))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Yellow.))

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Lumpia Lover | 359 comments ((Yellow to you too. Um is Nate ready for the painting session?))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Sure.))

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