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message 1: by Bobby (new) - added it

Bobby Morris I am reading Crank by Hellen Hopkins. The Book is eligable for a reading counts test I am just unable to find the lexile level and how many points it is worth. I haven't read very far into the book but from what I have read Kristina, the main character, is going to have to make some major decisions that may effect not only herself but for the people around her and in her life.

message 2: by Taryn (new)

Taryn Mojica I've read this book before & it is rather interesting. Her issues connect with my story because Eddie, the main character, stole a car & that effected the rest of his life. Good book bobbehhh :)

Kirby what do you think about the writing style?

Will IV Her writing style is what makes her so good.

Kirby true, true...I've still never seen anything like it.

Megan Murphy I love her writing style.

message 7: by Entine (new)

Entine Ruiz well im just gonna agree with taryn because ive never read the book but with the whole decision thing i mean thats pretty much in every situation if its a major decision then its more than likely gonna effect everyone around you. good or bad...

Madeline Great book to read; touches on some serious topics and peer pressure. Love the way it is written; it took my a bit to get used to it, but once you get the hang of it, the way it reads, the style I mean, u breeze right thru it. =)

Sara Beara very depressing, this book....after reading some of it and stopping to take a break I got this glum feeling....but i like how the poems are written!

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