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who is the BIGGEST liar in the book

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Monica In a crazy way ali is

Emily Monica wrote: "In a crazy way ali is"

I think it is Ali too.

message 3: by drew (new)

drew Umm... I do think Ali, but out of the 4 liars, you can't really judge, because they all lie in their own way...

Richie Lyman I believe all liars have equal lies. But I think Ali is the most HATED liar to everyone in Rosewood.

Amanda I think SPencer. I have no sympathy whatsoever for that girl. SHe shows no remorse for what she's done with Wren. She's selfish. I guess Ali is though really. The ultimate liar and manipulator.


Noora Tied between Ali and Spencer.

Oumiie Alison !

Shannon definately Alison!

Hannah Emily and Alison!

Oumiie ^ Likeee ! <3

Endrina Hannah wrote: "Emily and Alison!"

why emily?

Hannah Cause shes hiding ummm u know

message 13: by Beth (new) - rated it 5 stars

Beth Emily is the most secret in my opinion

Endrina Beth wrote: "Emily is the most secret in my opinion"

But Emily's secret is that she is gay and everyone already knows that, she has anything else (for what I know)

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Beth @Endrina Well she would be one of the liars but the one that i actually really think is the one with most secrets would have to be Spencer

Breanna Ali cause if you think about it all of the lies have something to do with her! And also A (whoever it is!)

Grace B i think aria
because i read the first few books but if you watch the series she is hiding around with ezra and lying to her parents.

Allison Endrina wrote: "Hannah wrote: "Emily and Alison!"

why emily?"

I don't believe its Emily. She lies because she does not want her sexuality to be known. A common defense mechanism. Aria is more of a liar than her.

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message 20: by Jamie (last edited Apr 22, 2012 06:07PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jamie it is hard to figure out which one is the biggest liar because they all lie just not all in the same way

message 21: by Amethyst (last edited Apr 25, 2012 07:51AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amethyst I think Emily is the least Biggest Liar! She's the sweetheart out of the others... And Aria is just all tangled up in the crap with her parents. shes no worse than them... spencer... spencer is just tired of being perfect,or trying to anyways. shes tired of having to live up to her sister and not to mention being scared of her sister. and Hanna needs to start being herself... she has rebuilt herself into something/someone who is only about 25% of who she really is, she has to stay popular and amazing, or at least according to her. and Alison... No One likes her. She was cruel and rude to people of course everyone hates her! But Alison Knew Things... Knew things could kill her...

Brittany Nelsen Definitely Melissa!! shes hiding some messed up stuff... she's psychotic! i just get a weird vibe between her.. Oh and Mr. Hastings is freaky too, theres something fishy about him!

Gouri Alison

message 24: by Emmy (new) - added it

Emmy Aria is the best liar. I feel sympathy for Spencer. I mean she's scared of her own sister for crying out loud! Emily is just a lesbian. That's all. And Hanna is this secret shop lifter. Ali is strange....

Gabby Grace wrote: "i think aria
because i read the first few books but if you watch the series she is hiding around with ezra and lying to her parents."

I agree Aria is the most secritive

Melissa Nahra Alison but out of the four, probably spencer or emily

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Allyson Rida I honestly don't think Spencer is that big of a liar. Especially with the latest book Ruthless, I couldn't see that she had lied at all, only that she did horrible things to ensure that she could enter an eating club in Princeton, which backfired, in true PLL fashion :P I think the biggest liar of them all would be Emily. I knew she had a good reason to hide during the first few books, she doesn't want anyone to know she's gay, but as the story goes on, she just kept lying more, no matter how sweet she is on the surface, she definitely have some dark secrets.

Alison definitely should be the biggest liar, but she's not in the clique anymore... I do want to Ali's Pretty Little Lies soon, I would definitely want to know the ark secrets she hid beside, you know, the family debacle, it actually doesn't warrant her to be killed, actually, so she must have done some pretty naughty stuff, I am curious!

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em Grace wrote: "i think aria
because i read the first few books but if you watch the series she is hiding around with ezra and lying to her parents."

Well, yes. But this is a book discusion, not a show discussion. What Aria does in the show has no effect on how much she lies in the books, which I believe is not a lot compared to Spencer.

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