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What would you do during, before, after a Zombie Apocalypse?

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message 1: by Jamie (new)

Jamie  My co-bloggers and I were thinking about doing a post like this on our blog as well as Zombie Week!!!!! We just wanted to know other people's out puts before the post gets published. It's pretty Boss.

Alessandro Probably I wouldn't do anything. Just watch.

Michelle I would probally die cause Im not in shape. I need to work on my cardio else the fast Zombies will get me

Suge Like every zombie enthusiast, I think I could survive but in a team rather than on my own. Before the zombie apocalypse, I'm assuming when it's all just starting out, I'd watch in horror as this reality came true. I'd try to get into shape in case I need it and start hording food and water and consorting with my friends and family about keeping safe. During the apocalypse, I'd hope to be a good enough marksmen to hit a zombie target if need be but I can see my place being with the kids, keeping them safe and sane and not too scared. I would always like to help out with hunting for food if the need arises, as I'm sure it will. After the apocalypse, I help rebuild, as would anyone. I would be wary of the everyone though. I don't want to be used for procreation purposes, nor do I want my family and nieces used for that reason. Things like that are a choice. But I would try to establish a society, maybe even a working government.

Luke Nuth Upon hearing the news of a zombie virus outbreak, I would fill up my bath, sinks, buckets, cups, bowls, with water (You don't know when the water will be turned off). Collect food and any weapons you can find and take them upstairs along with the water. Grab a ladder and take it upstairs. Barricade front door and maybe the back door. Destroy the stairs. During. When food supplies are low, go scavenge for food in a team of two or three people, using stealth and melee weapons. Repeat process until you can no longer find resources in the surrounding area. Find a new safe house and follow out the same steps in 'Upon hearing the news of a zombie virus outbreak'. After. Hopefully you should still be alive and then you'll become ruler of the world ;)

Michelle Luke wrote: "Upon hearing the news of a zombie virus outbreak, I would fill up my bath, sinks, buckets, cups, bowls, with water (You don't know when the water will be turned off). Collect food and any weapons y..."

If the zombie outbreak occurs then I would like to take up with you because you seem like you would be prepared and always thinking about the next move to make.

Mical Let's see: Before an outbreak I'd be doing what I'm currently doing; getting/keeping myself in good physical condition, building a repetoire of skills/knowledge that could be useful (I've got a college degree in nursing, as well as being trained in archery, and some survival training) and acquiring an emergency preparedness box filled with tools and equipment that I would feel to be beneficial to survival. I call it my "Just In Case" tub. I a fluid siphon, welding gloves, modeling clay, flashlights, super glue, instant cement, medical supplies, among other things.
During an outbreak? I'd spend a short while freaking out about the dead coming back and such, then I'd kick into gear, grab my "Just In Case" box, fill up as many containers of water as I could, grab my bow and assorted survival implements and go to the nearest Menards/Home Depot. Why? Because they have lumber, tools, generators, food, seeds, potting soil , improvisable weaponry and construction materials in abundance. I'd block off the entrances and exits and build garden boxes to plant any food seeds in. While I'm waiting for the plants to begin growing I'll eat the pre-packaged foodstuffs and defend my little fiefdom as necessary, occasionally venturing out to scavenge any needed supplies or scout the immediate surroundings. Then it's just a matter of waiting to see what happens.
After the outbreak, assuming there is an "after", I'd assist in reconstruction, use my nursing skills to help tend the sick/wounded of whatever's left of humanity and then find time to quietly have the melt-down that I'd been putting off in order to survive.
Then pick myself up and get to work building a secure home/base that would be sufficiently self-sufficient as to ensure my and my family's surival should the worst happen again!

message 8: by J. (new) - rated it 4 stars

J. Gowin Stock up on the three most important necessities.
1.) Liquor
2.) Ammo
3.) Canned Goods

In that order.

Capt. JD Morgan I am in a perfect place for the zombie apocalypse!!! I live above 3 shops with one stair way in the front and one in the back... The stairwell in the front is a tight squeeze and I would easily be able to put a fridge at the top of the stairs to stop anything from being able to push directly on my door... At the bottom of the front stairway there is room for another fridge that I could fortify by putting things in the stairwell to keep it sturdy... In front of where I would put this fridge in the downstairs area there is also a metal cage door which would add some extra support... The back stairs are all wood with metal supports, so I would be able to take out the wood and create a rope ladder that I could retract easily...

This would give me a secure area to start from... I would have to scavenge the near by area for food and water... I would try to set up road blocks around where I live with cars to make getting to my property difficult for anything with minimal brain power!

Once I got the perimeter created and some good stores of food/water from scavenging I would have to try to set up a garden on my roof... It's a flat roof and should be able to grow a few vertical gardens on it with out much problem (Would be able to use the wood from the stairs to build the first few gardens and build supports to ensure that the roof doesn't collapse...

There are numerous solar panels in the area, I would have to set up those places too so that I could use as power stations... I have a lot of survival information on my laptop and would be able t charge this every now and then at one of them... Also I would be able to power my power tool and acquire more power tools to assist with building up my garden...

Once I get my initial area secure, my garden going and have my power stations established it would be time to continue to fortify and expand... I would most likely start to expand to the elementary school less then a block away... That would give me more room for roof top gardens... Since I live close to the Ocean I would have to find some way to get water from the ocean to get water that I could desalinise for drinking water...

Most important things to have to start this would be:
1) My tools (Hammer, knife, knife sharpener, saw, etc.)
2) Flint & Magnifying glass (Fire is very important for cooking and heating)
3) WEAPONS!!! Nothing that required professionally made ammo, more knives, spears and either a crossbow or bow that could use ammo that I made!
4) Survival and first aid books (I have a bunch on my book shelf)
5) Crank powered Flashlight and Radio (Have both, a few flashlights too)

Most important things to think about:
1) Secure your home and surrounding area
2) Get a supply of food and water that can be replenished
3) Be careful of both live and undead people!!!


I totally missed out on a few points but the wife never wants to talk about stuff like this, just fun to go off on a ramble about it!!! This is one situation that I wouldn't mind not being able to say "I told you so" to though!!! =P

message 10: by Reese (new)

Reese I would reinforce my house for the first 2 days. I would first of all catch all of my pets and bring them to the top story of my house into the biggest bedroom (My parents) then I would have my family help me lock all of the doors in the house and reinforce the weak ones with chairs. The down side would be all of the windows that's why my house wouldn't be good for surviving long term). Once all of the doors were locked I would unlock the door into the garage then we would bring all of our cars into the garage and then I would go into my garage and push in the metal bar/locking thing to prevent people from opening the garage door. Then I would bring a ladder into the room where my family was going to stay and have it ready for when we needed to escape but couldnt through the main exits (the ladder would make us able to escape through a window). Then I would close all of the blinds in our house to prevent anything from seeing us. Then I would close all windows and arm our security system. Then all of my family would start moving all of our supplies to the upstairs in a different room. After these 2 days of silent Surveillance we would gather the rest of our non perishable supplies and camping gear and start our journey to a place near a town in wyoming so we can get supplies.

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