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I just found this group and put a new greeting on the newbie board. The reason I have done this is in hope of bringing to a quicker end this dirty business of book marketing. Here is my quandry: Kirkus and Fantasybookreview.co.uk both compared my book favorably to Tolkien.

I have reservations about such comparisons. For example, I am a Bruce Springsteen fan, but I would pass on a Mellencamp concert. Perhaps you see my point.

In an attempt to meet this dilemna I would like to send my book free of charge to those in this group who might have a genuine interest in discussing this issue with me. Read either the Kirkus or Fantasybookreview.co.uk review and I think you shall see why I post.

As I said in my "greeting", I am weary of self-promotion and if I were to meet any degree of success with this book I can assure you my first order of business would be to don the habits of a recluse. I now envy Salinger, Watterson, Harper Lee, Pynchon and all the rest.

So please take me at my word. I make this offer in hopes that I can unfree myself from this unseemly trade, either by failure or success.

I invite you to judge and express your inner Inquisiton. Throw me in and see if I float ... and then you shall know if I will burn.



message 2: by Becca (new)

Becca (beccabeccabooklover) | 5 comments Just checked out the fantasy book review website and your book definitely has my attention. I know the ins and outs of Tolkien and his world so I wouldn't mind helping you out with an honest review and opinion. So send me a message if you would like my details etc etc and I can let you know what I think once it has been read :)

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Thanks for replying to my rather Puckish post. I am much more straightforward than the words above might lead you to believe.

I will send you a message momentarily, but I wanted to publicly show my appreciation for your kind offer.

message 4: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Yates (stefan31) | 127 comments Mod
I'm interested G.T. I'd love to read and give feedback on your book.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Great! I will send you a msg this morning.

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Stefan Yates (stefan31) | 127 comments Mod
Just a quick follow-up on the whole Deep Rose/Tolkien debate since I just finished the book. I can see how reviewers could go along the path of comparing the book to Tolkien in some respects, comparing some parts to The Hobbit seems especially reasonable. However, any comparisons to The Hobbit in my humble opinion resonate solely in the feel of the town of the Vale and its peoples feeling a bit like Hobbiton and Gamgees, Baggins, Proudfeet and the lot in their mannerisms and quirky ways of doing things. Other than that (and at times having a bit of a fell of Wonderland and Oz) this book stands apart as truly unique in its own right.

Comparing something so new to Tolkien right of the bat is a little absurd anyway in my opinion. By that I mean, this is Mr. Denny's first book, let us give him some time to establish himself on his own as a writer before adding the heavy burden of carrying on in Tolkien's tradition!

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