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message 1: by Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (new)

Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Hard Copy or E-book? Which do you prefer?

Personally I like my hard copy. I'm not a big fan of the Kindle. Something about having the actual book is just . . . better, for me at least. =)

message 2: by Beckie (new)

Beckie (chikittie) | 2 comments I own a Kindle and Nook and I love my e-readers but nothing beats a print book in my hands. :)

message 3: by Via (new)

Via Love | 1 comments While I prefer hard copies, you can't beat the convenience of having a Kindle or other ereader.

message 4: by Beth (last edited Mar 02, 2012 01:32AM) (new)

Beth (beth_jones8) Hard copy ftw! theres nothing better than the physical process of reading a book. Opening the front cover and beginning it, steadily turning each page, realising your half way through because theres an even amount of pages on each side, closing the back cover with that feeling of completion and then finally that beautiful crease in the spine thats so typical of a good book. With an ebook you're missing all that. Its kinda lame.
Oh, i forgot the smell of a good book.

message 5: by Beth (new)

Beth (beth_jones8) Elizabeth wrote: "Beth wrote: "Hard copy ftw! theres nothing better than the physical process of reading a book. Opening the front cover and beginning it, steadily turning each page, realising your half way through ..."

I'm glad i could express it for you!

LOL!!!! i just laughed so hard in the middle of my lounge room and now my family are looking at me funny -_-

message 6: by Beth (new)

Beth (beth_jones8) Yeeaahh! its quite enjoyable. I love it when you're keeling over with laughter and people want to know what you're laughing at but you just know they wouldn't get it.

message 7: by Beth (new)

Beth (beth_jones8) i know what you mean. I see people that walk around my school like that all the time and you just burst out laughing and they look at you like YOU'RE the idiot when really you're laughing so hard at the idiocy of their behaviour.
I always laugh harder in public though cause there's those people that look ridiculous and they look at you like you must be so embarrassed laughing like that in public and you just wanna say i'm embarrassed for you to be out like that in public.

Jean Valjean (OG 2010) (courfeyrack) I've grown to prefer ebooks. Usually, I like to have something tangible to hold in my hands, but I have a pretty giant library.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I think part of reading a book is the emotion of having it in your hands of smelling it, every book is different and I own a kindle and I personally think is so much better a hard copy although the kindle does give you interesting tools which are very useful. For example the vocabulary and dictionary, you can search in the moment the word you don´t know. I like both but i have to agree that hard books is better.

message 10: by Riffey (new)

Riffey | 1 comments I have a small house and a big love for reading. My nook has 70 books on it and takes up no extra space. I can read free samples and a new free book every friday. How wouldn't love that! I never have to use a reciept to hold my page again and can read several books at once. The best part: finishing an awesome book and uploading the next one in the series, instantly!

Jean Valjean (OG 2010) (courfeyrack) Personally, I think that the "feel of a physical book" shouldn't outweigh that of a book held on a digital device if the book is good.

That being said, I prefer ebooks to physical copies because I have nearly 800 on my Nook. I obviously can't keep that many in my house or take 800 physical copies with me on vacation. The convenience of having it on a device was a big seller for me.

message 12: by Nikkie (new)

Nikkie (LimitlessNikkie) | 57 comments I've used a kindle for 2 years both the classic version and the fire and in the end I'd rather have a real book but love how simple and convenient the kindle is for storing a great number of books.

message 13: by Al (new)

Al (alstone) I do prefer a physical book (I love paperback formats) but I like that my Kindle can store so many books, which is very convenient. If it came down to it though, I would have to go with the hardcopy.

message 14: by Sarika (new)

Sarika Patkotwar (sarikap8) E-books, for me, are extremely convenient to read. It's easier to catch up on reading at night with e-books.
But honestly, a hard copy is a hard copy. Original and lovely!
I read in both formats.

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