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Bethany Hey everyone! Our book for March is Article 5! It won by quite a bit so I know a lot of people are looking forward to it.

As always, this discussion will contain SPOILERS!!!

Tell us what you thought of the book...

Bethany I just finished it today and I was disappointed with it. I hate to say it, but it was just a really boring book. The only thing that kept me going was the hopes that the relationship between the two main characters would be reconciled.

The world building was a bit poor. We know that everything revolves around these 'moral statutes', but we don't know how the country got that way or how long it's been that way. We don't know whos in charge of everything. It's all kind of vague.

Ember is the main character and she is okay, but I found her a bit unrealistic at times. She was naive about the world which seems kinda impossible in her world. Like, really, your going to try and attack the police? And she was clueless when it came to Chase. She was always like, "I don't get it, I don't get it." When it made perfect sense to me. I just didn't love her as a MC. Chase on the other hand was a bit more dimensional. He had obviously been through some crazy stuff as a soldier and you could see that he had a lot of things repressed inside of him. The whole time, you're watching him try to know how to be with her.

I think the biggest offense was the plot in and of itself. I felt like the true synopsis of this book would be closer to us following Ember as she tries to analyze her realtionship with Chase. The book was super focused on this and it didn't leave a lot of room for action. And the action parts that did come up, weren't very exciting. They were poor attempts.

I don't know if I will read the next book. I actually think it will probably be better since by the end Ember and Chase have at least given there relationship some small definition. Plus, I can't help but love plotting rebellions and it seems as though book two will probably feature the rebellion. So, who knows?

Melodie (melodieco) This book was just a disappointment all the way around. The "world" had great potential. The Moral Majority X 100 takes over and sets everyone, especially women, back 100 years. But the characters, with the exception of Chase, were just like cardboard cutouts. No depth, no nothing. Ember was whiny & naive. Pretty much totally useless. Chase was interesting and the book would have benefited immensely with more of his back story thrown in. At this point I have no intention of reading the next one, so that'll free up some time for a GOOD read!

Megan (mosher2007) | 3 comments I actually liked the book. I liked Chase as a character and I liked the concepts. Ember was obnoxious though. Even at the end of the book she still hadn't learned her lesson and just wandered off and of course got captured. She had to know that Chase would come after her, he did every other time.

Megan (dreizehn) I actually liked it quite a lot. I thought the concepts were interesting. While the world-building on the macrocosm scale was not incredibly detailed, I thought the scenes themselves were still well-crafted and detailed.

As for the characters...while I can see how people would think Ember was whiny/unlikeable, I think her reactions were pretty realistic for a relatively naive character. She also has room to grow in the next book. I really loved Chase as a character. I enjoy the male protagonist with a tortured background angle (i.e., Will in Clockwork Prince). I also really liked how the background story between Chase and Ember gradually unfolds throughout the story.

I definitely think the series has potential. I'll be reading the next one to see what happens between the two and with the resistance. As a side note -- I got a chance to meet the author and she was a really sweet, down-to-earth person!

Tawna | 11 comments I also believe that the book was pretty good. Yes Ember seemed a bit naive, but they did explain that. The place that she lived didn't get hit the way the other towns had. Also there were no newspapers or tv, so it made sense that she would be naive to the world past her town. IMO

I will def read the rest of the series, maybe just to figure out why the hell the war started and why the hell america went all crazy. Nah, I also like the characters :)

Miriam (miricaresalot) Well, I have to say that I really loved this book. Maybe it's because I haven't read as much dystopians as probably the most of you did, but I loved that this story was a little different. Ember wasn't that kind of character that had to realize how wrong the world is in which she lives. Her mother and her were kind of 'outsiders' from the beginning and this doesn't change during the course of the story.

I also would have loved more background information on the world setting, but it made perfectly sense to me that we didn't get that as Em and Chase are basically running away for the most part of the book and they don't have any time to stop and think or discuss topics like this. But I hope to get more information on that in the sequel.

And I also have to say that I loved the way Em cares for people, above all her mother.

So all in all I really enjoyed Article 5 - and I'm a bit surprised moth people over here don't seem to like it as much.

Shera (sweb) | 3 comments I also liked the book. At times it was frustrating because it seemed impossible to fight back in some of the situations, like the reformatory that Ember was in. I definately want to read the next one hoping that the action will pick up now that they've joined against the MM and government. I liked ember and loved chase's character!

Angie (angiebayne) I had mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand I hated Ember. I thought she was a very unlikeable character. She was whiny and way too naive for the situation she was in. I just didn't find her believable as a character either in her outlook or in how she reacted to the situations in the book. On the other hand I kind of enjoyed the world. Sure it wasn't developed as much as I would have liked, but I liked where it was going. I liked that we were getting in on the ground floor of the dystopian world to see its creation. And I liked that it wasn't an unrealistic world. I will probably continue to read this series but it won't be one that I have to read as soon as it is published.

message 10: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen (baynej) | 169 comments Ember was awful. She was completely naive and delusional throughout the novel. She seemed more like 7 than 17 with her emotions and reactions to everything. She really turned me off the rest of the book.

Chase was a bit better in that he at least had some depth. You could tell he'd been threw a lot during his soldiering and had a lot of inner turmoil that he was trying to live with.

The world building could have been developed a little better, but I can live with it.

Overall, great premise, really good concept, but failed on delivery for me.

Moedawg63 | 5 comments I loved this book.
Characters: I don't love Ember, the lead. She's impulsive and often stupid. Somehow that doesn't make the book any worse, though, because as a reader you are seeing her poor judgment and aware of the "truth". It reminded me of the constant miscommunication between Rhett and Scarlett in Gone With the Wind. Clearly I can't compare the two books but that feeling of tension and wanting to scream "JUST SAY WHAT YOU MEAN!" to the characters provides a bit of its own rush.
Chase is the male lead. To say he is the love interest is deceiving because he is not always cast in a positive light. However, he is delicous and probably my favorite book boyfriend ever. He is strong and protective and the right combination of wounded, thus sensitive, and still utterly invincible. Why do all male characters in these books have to be damaged from their past in order to be sensitive and loving? I don't care because I totally want to scoop him up and fix his troubles.
I sooooooo appreciated that this felt complete at the end; I feel some closure and am not worried about the characters safety, physically or emotionally, I will just say. But there's plenty of room for the story to pick up and keep going and I really look forward to more time with Chase, in particular. If authors ever read these reviews, I want to make a personal plea to not have this series follow the ya dystopian prototype of having the young loves separated for all of book 2!! The times in the book when Ember and Chase are apart are my least favorite; they are meant to have adventures together, thank you very much.

Danielle (meimei42) I enjoyed this book. There was something kind of scary about it. At times I was so frustrated that a world like this could exist and yet in many ways its not that far off. Think about countries around this world that have moral statues that restrict citizen's every move. How far off is a world like this?

I thought Ember made some poor choices in this book. It's a pet peeve of mine when characters do really dumb things, especially when they repeatedly do it despite knowing better.

I found Ember and Chase's relationship strained, but intriguing. I think more will develop in further books. I hate when characters get together too fast anyway. Spoils the anticipation.

Overall a good read.

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