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message 1: by Sean (last edited Mar 01, 2012 12:31PM) (new)

Sean Taylor | 6 comments The question from last week got me thinking about origin stories, and whether they still need a drawn-out telling. Batman had two pages in the old days and then it was off to the races. Most of the books from new pulp publishers that I've read tend to jump right in with little more than a brief set-up to establish character, and then they're off to the skies or into the jungles. Or in some cases, an origin requires a long comic book arc or is the purpose of the first novel in a series.

Check it out. Article live now at:


message 2: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Darlage | 6 comments I get tired of origin stories. I'd rather have a bit of mystery to the character's origin - and have it pieced together, bit by bit, from clues in the stories, than to have it handed to me.

message 3: by Sean (new)

Sean Taylor | 6 comments I tend to agree.

message 4: by Steven (new)

Steven Gomez | 3 comments It seems that modern sensibilities are in favor of drawing out an origin story to set up a franchise. I think that it waters down the beginning of any series as well as prevents the reader from investing themselves in the story. I'm more in favor of NOT spelling out a character's motivation all at once and letting the story unfold at its own pace.

I'm also in favor of men wearing fedoras, so what do I know.

message 5: by Sean (new)

Sean Taylor | 6 comments A lot, I'd say, judging by the fedora.

message 6: by Elie (new)

Elie Harriett | 12 comments I like a fleshed out origin. Adds empathy for the hero I'm supposed to be caring about. Especially if you a asking me to follow him/her for a long story or a series.

message 7: by W. (new)

W. | 9 comments I, too, favor fedoras. I live in So Cal and wonder why people don't tire of ball caps and trucker hats (those really tall ball caps.)

As a kid I collected Doc Savage and later, The Executioner. I'll have to give Destroyer a try sometime.

I seem to favor of peppering bits of the origin through the first few novels (or comics) of a series, rather than telling it all at the beginning. But I'm sure I could think of exceptions...

message 8: by Charles (new)

Charles (kainja) | 30 comments I too like the "origin" material to be spread out over the tale.

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