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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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Kellyhetzel Do you think that if the novel would had been written in any other view (other then Christopher's) that one would have understood Christopher's thought process and been able to truly get insight to his character? Why?

Melanie No way. I thought it was amazing to see into Christopher's point of view and to feel the emotional roller coaster he was riding.

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I think if it had been written from any other view point the book would not have worked. It has been a little while since i read this book, but i remember thinking that if he had not had aspergers then the events of the story would have been obvious far earlier on in the book. If it had been from somebody else’s perspective then i also think the same would be true. It was only a mystery because of the way his mind worked and because of his lack of understanding of other humans.
Being inside the mind of Christopher allowed the writer to write about his trains of thought, his obsession with colours and counting etc. All these things were never expressed to any other character by Christopher; they would neither have known about nor understood just how his mind worked. It could have been written in third person, however I also think that you would lose the confusion and the thought processes within Christopher’s mind.

Carolyn Yeah, what Melanie and Steph said. ;)

That is what I loved most about the book. The story line was interesting enough, but coming from Christopher's POV made it much more unique and compelling. I doubt I would have connected as emotionally with his character had it been told from someone else's POV.

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