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message 1: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
Our featured book for our March giveaway is The Forgotten Land by Goodreads author and time travel group member Keith McArdle. In this book, an Australian Special Air Service veteran is propelled back in time to a very different world. So our question for this month's drawing is this:

"If you were sent 1,000 years into the past, what one item would you wish you could take with you to help you survive in your new environment?"

NOTE: The author is willing to provide the winner with either an autographed paperback or an e-book edition that is available in multiple e-reader formats.

Anyone who posts an answer to the above question will be entered in our drawing. The winner will be selected at random and will be announced on March 8. So that means you have just one week to post your comments for a chance to win this book. Once the winner is announced, the author will contact that person to arrange for delivery of their free book.

I will invite Keith to post some additional info about his book. And please feel free to ask him any questions you might have. Also remember that the winner of this giveaway is encouraged to write an honest and thoughtful review of the book once they have a chance to read it.

Cheryl is busier irl atm. (cherylllr) | 881 comments Antibiotics.

message 3: by Jaye (new)

Jaye i'd have to take my glasses.
i wouldn't make it for long without being able to see much.

message 4: by Keith (new)

Keith McArdle (varangian) | 18 comments Antibiotics, definitely! The patrol does have a medic who (by luck) has his medic pack with him when they accidentally trigger the time portal.

I'd be taking toilet paper :) I went around the Jorvik Viking Centre in York once and they describe what the Norse there used as toilet paper. Oh dear god, it wasn't pretty!

Jaye, glasses? smart move!

message 5: by Keith (new)

Keith McArdle (varangian) | 18 comments Hi all,

Well here is some information further to the book, that you may (or may not) find interesting:

I have always had two great passions, the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), and the Vikings. The Vikings are a severely misunderstood race of people. Yes, some were violent, yes, some of them did undertake lightning raids on all and sundry. But that time of history was a violent time, a time where tribes, clans and countries were often at war with one another. The Vikings' mark on our history is tainted mainly by the biased, literate Christian scholars that remember them in their writings. Today, modern historians and archaeologists are working very hard to shed light upon who the Vikings actually were. We know, for instance, that a Viking woman had the right to divorce her husband if she had grounds. We also know that the advice of a warrior's wife was usually heeded and often sought. Women in some areas of the world in 2012 do not enjoy that level of respect! The Vikings were also very cunning and intelligent traders, so much so, that present day York, which in Viking times was called Jorvik (pronounced Yorvik (from which the present day name is derived)) was, during the Viking reign, the trade centre of the world. The Vikings were a very colourful, sophisticated and rich culture.

The Australian SASR (Special Air Service Regiment) are an elite group of Australian soldiers. When the war in Afghanistan started, people might remember an offensive called Operation Anaconda. When that operation commenced, the Aussie SAS moved well forward of the advancing allied troops and set up hides or observation posts (OPs) underneath the noses of the Taliban. They fed back all sorts of information to the American head sheds, including enemy number, weapons, level of morale, locations and so on. When the fighting began, the Australian SASR were in a position to guide in airstrikes and give grid references for artillery and mortar fire missions. In another instance in Afghanistan an Australian SAS soldier was shot by Taliban insurgents during a particularly ferocious firefight. Rather then attract the attention of his mates (who were still bogged down and in heavy contact with the enemy), he managed to make his way to the closest vehicle. Knowing that he was losing enough blood that he may lose consciousness, he treated the wound as best he could, before wedging himself between the bulbar and the vehicle's radiator. He then tied himself to the bulbar and continued to fire at the enemy. He did this so that if he did lose consciousness, he was already secured to a vehicle. But in addition, if the Australians needed to make a fast withdrawal, several patrol members would not be slowed down by carrying him and then securing him in the vehicle, wasting precious minutes.

There is something about these incredible soldiers that has always intrigued me. Every country in the world has a small elite group like the Australian SAS. They are for the most part, quiet, easy going, never consider themselves any better than the next bloke, but have the courage of a rabid lion. To date two Australian SAS soldiers have been awarded the Victoria Cross (the VC, which is the Commonwealth's highest military award) for actions in combat. Both lived to tell the tale.

So in The Forgotten Land, I bring together the Australian SASR and the Vikings, my two greatest interests.

message 6: by Tej (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
lol, love the antibiotics and deoderant ideas, cant top those!

I already bought the book so once again, dont enter me in. I did promise to make it my 4th read at the time I bought it, 2 more books to go before I do.

Well if I am in Denmark 1000AD, I will take along with a few editions of Asterix as a tour guide :)

message 7: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
Keith, I never would have thought to take toilet paper. That's funny.

I guess what I would want to take is either a compound bow for hunting or a rototiller for farming (and hope I can create some type of gas to run it).

message 8: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
I've tried three times to send out a group message about this month's book giveaway, but it doesn't seem to be working. Has anyone in the group has recieved a message from me in the past few days concerning this month's drawing?

message 9: by Dan (new)

Dan | 60 comments I would take a toothbrush. Even without toothpaste it would do a lot of good, and there is no way I would want to visit whatever passed for a dentist back then.

message 10: by Jaye (new)

Jaye John wrote: "I've tried three times to send out a group message about this month's book giveaway, but it doesn't seem to be working. Has anyone in the group has recieved a message from me in the past few days ..."

nope, not me

message 11: by Tej (last edited Mar 06, 2012 04:07AM) (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
Did anyone receive my group message? If not this could be a global moderator issue, rather than it being isolated to John.

message 13: by Tej (last edited Mar 06, 2012 05:48AM) (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
Jaye wrote: "i found this:


Thank you for that Jaye, much appreciated. I had submitted the issue on the Moderators support group who were all equally perplexed, lol. It seems GR is working on the problem going by your link.

message 14: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
If we can get this figured out in the next couple of days, I may extend the deadline for this month's giveaway.

message 15: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Almazan | 24 comments Depending on where I was sent back to, I'd like a dictionary, complete with pronunciation guide, for the local language.

message 16: by Tej (last edited Mar 06, 2012 02:45PM) (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
It appears the group messaging is fixed, yay. Unfortunately it also looks like you will all be receiving John's several attempts at sending the group message and also my one. Apologies in advanced if you are bombarded. We do want to keep group messaging to an absolute minimum and its only used for monthly book read votings, these book prize giveaways and any other ad-hoc events.

OK, we've tainted the thread a bit with this group messaging issue (but many thanks for the message feedback and help, guys)...

...so what else would we take with us on our 1000 year backward time trip? ;)

message 17: by Lance (new)

Lance Greenfield (lancegreenfieldmitchell) | 155 comments I would take my J-Class yacht.

If I had a crew constisting great warriors, we would be able to run down any vessel that sailed the seas, and emerge victorious.

On the other hand, if I had a crew of wimps, at least we'd be able to outrun even the fastest viking ship!

By the way, my J-Class yacht is currently berthed in my bay of dreams.

message 18: by Lois (new)

Lois (loisbennett) I'd probably take medicine or glasses - if I had to choose just one, then glasses (or contacts, really...)

message 19: by Fred (new)

Fred Hughes | 9 comments Fire. No just kidding. An invisibility cloak

message 20: by Fred (new)

Fred Hughes | 9 comments Is the draw on the 7th or 8th ?

message 21: by Fred (new)

Fred Hughes | 9 comments Got It.
It's the 7th

message 22: by Fred (new)

Fred Hughes | 9 comments Hi Tej:
Thanks for the heads up on this draw

message 23: by Larry (last edited Mar 06, 2012 04:51PM) (new)

Larry | 4 comments I would take a micro brewing kit. Yes Beer, and a way to make more beer

message 24: by K55f (new)

K55f | 29 comments An Enfield Mk.IV w/ as much .303 as I could carry.
If I couldn't take a firearm, a pot still to make whiskey, and I could set myself up in business.

message 25: by John, Moderator in Memory (last edited Mar 07, 2012 02:33PM) (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
My apologies to everyone who got four messages all at once about the book giveaway. I'm glad Goodreads got the group message problem worked out, but I also want to be very respectful of our members and not overuse the group message feature.

message 26: by Ubik (new)

Ubik | 3 comments Haha, first thing I thought of was toilet paper as well! Modern plumbing is always the first thing I think of when I imagine being that far back in time and I cant bring that so the next best thing is toilet paper

message 27: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (swingcorey) | 52 comments I'd take a towel. (According to the HHGttG, those things are incredibly useful, throughout time and space!)

message 28: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte | 6 comments I think I would bring as much asprin as I could pack!

message 29: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
Just a quick note to let everybody know that we are extending the deadline for this month's book giveaway because of the problems in sending out the group notices. So the winner will be announced on Saturday, March 10, instead of Thursday, March 8. So keep the responses coming for your chance to win this great book.

message 30: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte (charlotte-) | 5 comments Since glasses are already taken, and since they might not last long depending where exactly this place is, I would take my favourite pillow - essential to a good night's sleep!

message 31: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte (charlotte-) | 5 comments I got two of these messages, one from Tej at 5:39 EST today, one from John at 9:39 today

message 32: by Ms. (new)

Ms. | 11 comments A thick, detailed history book of the era or a book of herbal remedies.-laura

message 33: by Cage (new)

Cage (cagesc) | 1 comments Since that would make it 1012 AD, over 50 years before the Battle of Hastings and in the throws of the Dark Ages, and could only take one tool, I'd bring a water filter or I'd be dead from dysentary before I'd ever even get a chance to need antibiotics. Fire and knives I can already make. I would avoid large towns, cities and even inns with their rats with fleas.

message 34: by Thomas (new)

Thomas (tmitche2) my computer with an internet link to the future.

message 35: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Ng (joshuatj) | 9 comments a portable computer with the most of wikipedia, hand manuals, guide books downloaded + rechargeable battery power

message 36: by Laesar (new)

Laesar I'd take my Arctic sleeping bag with its waterproof cover. Nights would be cold and work would be hard so I would need a decent nights sleep to be able to function during the day x

message 37: by Céline (new)

Céline (opheliaautumn) | 12 comments a TARDIS, so I can go back to the future if I need to :-p (I know, it's cheating)

message 38: by Janet (new)

Janet (janetbtaylor) | 10 comments Cheese. Can't possibly survive without cheese.
Seriously, I think I'd take a big old pistol, with an attached blade, cause they were super rapey back then.

message 39: by Jason (new)

Jason (jas_geek45) | 3 comments My leatherman tool

message 40: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
Janet wrote: "Cheese. Can't possibly survive without cheese...."

One of my favorite responses thus far.

message 41: by Heather(Gibby) (new)

Heather(Gibby) (heather-gibby) | 426 comments Thee have been some good responses so far, so to try and be original I would say really good hiking boots.

message 42: by Colleen (new)

Colleen Mitchell | 14 comments A pen, to make detailed notes on whatever I can find to use as paper, so that when I find a way to get back to my own time I can write a really good time travel book for all you guys.

Cheryl is busier irl atm. (cherylllr) | 881 comments Oh Colleen, you'd really do without a water filter etc. for us?! What a sacrifice, what a darling! ;)

message 44: by Colleen (new)

Colleen Mitchell | 14 comments It's okay, I intend to come and camp with you guys so I can use your water filter, antibiotics,toilet paper and cheese.

message 45: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Brokaw | 28 comments I'll bring my emergency camping bag, because it has everything I would ever need to survive.

Cheryl is busier irl atm. (cherylllr) | 881 comments Ooh, smart boy scout, Spencer!
This thread is a kick, thanks everyone, esp. those responsible for starting it!

message 47: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Brokaw | 28 comments Why thanks!

Cheryl in CC NV wrote: "Ooh, smart boy scout, Spencer!
This thread is a kick, thanks everyone, esp. those responsible for starting it!"

message 48: by Tej (last edited Mar 07, 2012 06:15PM) (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
I agree, this is turning out to be The Complete Survival Guide to Viking Era Time Trips :) We're making a good time travel team too!

So we can all travel with our equipment in OpheliaAutumn's Tardis which can fit everything including Lance's yacht and capable of endlessly charging up Joshua's laptop. And you lads with the heavy weaponry, I hope thats purely for emergency defense only, Vikings may not be the war mongering savages that many of us perceives them to be ;)

message 49: by John, Moderator in Memory (new)

John | 834 comments Mod
The laptop idea is a good one. Just pack a solar charger, and you are set for life. Of course you better hope the equipment doesn't break. That extended warranty would be worthless, and there's no tech support.

message 50: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Brokaw | 28 comments John wrote: "The laptop idea is a good one. Just pack a solar charger, and you are set for life. Of course you better hope the equipment doesn't break. That extended warranty would be worthless, and there's ..."

Or wifi to connect to

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