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Eric Diehl (oediehl) | 12 comments I'm a new author, looking to build some name recognition and to stay in touch with what readers are talking about in my favorite genre (though I admit to tending to favor a blend of science fiction and fantasy). I've published two novels (the first with Double Dragon Press and the second self-published), and in the interest of encouraging people to spend their time with a writer they've never before heard of, I'm offering my anthology for FREE! at smashwords.

You could also check out my website for other samplings of my work, as well as reviews/interviews. Several of my short stories have been published in small press anthologies, I have two SFF novels published, and some of my RV and motorcycle articles have been published in national magazines.


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Aloha | 940 comments And I'm a shameless book hoarder. Thank you!

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Eric Diehl (oediehl) | 12 comments Hope you enjoy!

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Aloha | 940 comments Thank you!

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