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Winchester 2012

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message 1: by E A M Harris (new)

E A M Harris   Yesterday I received an email about this year's conference. Apparently the programme will be out soon. I haven't decided yet whether to go. Is anyone else considering going?

message 2: by E A M Harris (new)

E A M Harris   David P wrote: "I've not decided - I enjoyed it last year - but as usual with these things it always costs me money and I end up buying more books than I sell!"

For several years I went for the Saturday only. This made it considerably cheaper and I didn't buy much as I knew I'd have to carry it home on the train. I may do the same this time, although it does make it a very long day. I'll make my decision when I see the programme. If some of us do go it would be nice to meet up.

How are you doing with your book? I guess it's hard graft all the time to get known and get sales.

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