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This is our first weeklly themed writing competition! :)
Please make sure you have read the rules and guidelines before you post your entry here.

The theme this week is that you must start your entry with the line, "It was the best of times, and the worst of times."

Please remember: links to writing elsewhere will not be counted. Your writing must be in the comment you post in this topic. Your entry can be any type of writing. Be creative. If you'd like feedback please state at the bottom of your submission. this topic will be close on 7th March and I will choose third, second and first place.
Please keep all content rated PG-13 or below.
Don't make it too long, or too short.

Good luck!

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Yay! I'm in! I'm in! I'm in!

message 3: by ichigo_menthol (new)

ichigo_menthol Emmma...oh my gosh I just finished reading that and I think I just got a heart attack by how intense that was!

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Whoa. So,, she killed him? And what happened to her?

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm pretty sure she killed him.
That's a normal story for my Emma :)
She's definitely the violet type xD

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Wow. Well it was really intense.

Eternal Werecat | 141 comments It was the best of times, and the worst of times. I rolled out of be that September morning so full of excitement. After school I was going to be spending the night with my best friend. We would laugh, tell stories and even make a funny movie or two with her dad's digital camera.

I flew through my morning routine of breakfast, brushing my things and getting dressed. When my mom called my name, I grabbed my backpack and rushed out the door to where she waited in the car to take me to school and Weston Middle.

On the ride there, I sang along to the radio as several of my favorite songs were played. I looked over at my mom and smiled, happy to be with her and happy to be alive. My dad was away on business but would be coming home this weekend for my birthday. He promised that he'd take me out to a fancy restaurant and start treating me like a grown up, I was turning twelve.

I gave my mom a hug before hopping out of the car to join my friends as we waited for the bell. Then it would be off to Math, then English, Band and then lunch. I hugged my clarinet case to me as we chatted about various things: boys, the hit movie coming out soon and then our conversations turned to darker things.

Bloody Mary, did she really exist? My best friend claimed that she did and pulled out a pale white rock that she claimed Mary had left her. I shivered but then smiled, laughing it off. Several of my other friends made plans to try it in the girl's bathroom later on today but I shook off their invitations, I preferred to hear their stories rather than try it myself.

Math class passed slowly. Blah blah blah. Fractions, Pythagorean Theorem, KFC... speaking of KFC, I wonder if we're having chicken for lunch. I shrugged to myself and pulled my reading book out of my desk, keeping it hidden on my lap as I began to read, tuning out my teacher. She soon caught me at it and smiling, asked me to put it away so I could listen. I obliged her, trying to pay attention until the class was done.

English seemed to be going the same way. Blah blah blah boring. I doodled on my paper when my teacher stopped talking as there was a knock on the door. She went to answer it and she and my Science teacher carried on a whispered conversation. When he left, her face looked extremely sad and she turned on the television, tuning it into the news.

My entire class watched as they showed clips of an airplane being flown into a tall building and it falling down as another airplane crashed into the second tower, bringing it down as well.

An announcement came over the intercom for me to go to the office, so I gathered my things and hurried down the hall, surprised to see my mother standing there. She was supposed to be at work.

"Mom?" She pulled me into her arms and I could tell that she had been crying.

"It's about your Dad..." I froze as she told me about a phone call that she'd gotten from him where he called to tell us that his plane had been hijacked and that he loved us. My eyes feel on the day calendar on the secretary's desk, the one that read September 11, 2001.

message 8: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Oh my gosh! So sad!!! :( when I read about the clips of the aeroplane I knew what was coming. That was really good though!!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

oh gosh it's so good but so sad!
yours too em, so good but so scary!
mine will be coming soon... i'm working on it...

message 10: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Can't wait to read yours Kaya:)

It's gonna be so hard to pick a winner! :/

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

I'll post it on Sunday it's saved on my computer at home and I won't get there 'til then sorry it'll be so late but it's coming!!!!!

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It was the best of times and the worst of times. I watched you each morning as you sat on that disgustingly dirty yellow bench, waiting for the bus. My eyes were drawn to you magnetically, and I couldn't help but stare. You were an angel sent from heaven, and you probably didn't even realize it. What you did realize though, was that I stared at you every single morning. I couldn't help it. You stood out so much with your suit and tie, plus your cute little briefcase. And that little smile that graced your lips wasn't exactly a smile, nor was it a grin. It was somewhere in between that made it all the more alluring. 


It had become a routine for us. At exactly 7:00 in the morning I would reach the coffee place and order my croissant and hot chocolate. By the time I sat down next to the big window at 7:05, you would be sitting there, subtly glancing over at me every now and again, continually fidgeting with your briefcase. That always made me wonder what you did for a living. Were you a businessman that traveled around the world, selling your companies products? Or maybe you were one of those annoying solicitors that went door to door? The kind that people had to pretend to be dogs and bark at them so they would leave. Or maybe you just liked wearing suits and carrying briefcases?


It was our little secret ritual, a special thing for me. I looked forward to it every morning, practically jumping out of my shoes to catch a glimpse of you. You never seemed like one of those sleazy types of guys, oh no. Your curly brown hair nestled on your head perfectly, looking so soft, I just wanted to reach out and drag my hand through it. I drowned in your eyes each morning, wanting to succumb into their creamy brown. 


I wasn't exactly a morning person, until of course, I met you. Now I can't help but go to bed early so the night can end and allow the morning to begin. 


Until that lonely Tuesday. When I reached the window, and you were no where in sight. My heart had turned to glass, and suddenly a baseball flew into it and smashed my fragile heart to bits. Oh no, I didn't love you. Not yet. But I felt betrayed that you didn't show up. It was our special routine, ritual, whatever you wanted to call it. It had been a law that we made sure not to break. Not those laws like "No Jay-Walking" that at least everyone has broken once. This was a law that not any one could break unless you were heartless. A law of the beginnings of Friendship. So, I quickly stuffed that bland croissant into my mouth, and chugged my hot chocolate. Then I was on my way, quickly walking my way out. Embarrassed. 


"I'm sorry." You whispered to me, out of breath. A sheen of sweat laid across your forehead, making you look like you just ran three miles. I stared up at you confused, and blushing so much, fire fighters might have shown up, the bright redness catching their eyes, thinking it was a fire. "I was sick. That's why I didn't go to the bench. I mean, why would I? I'm not going to work sick. But later in the afternoon I remembered you. And I felt horrible. And I should have at least came here or something and get a coffee so I could catch a glimpse of you. God, now I'm rambling and sound like an idiot. And you probably have no idea who I am and think I'm crazy. I'm yellow bench guy. I'm Mason." You hold out your hand, and I stare at you like your crazy. Your face quickly falls, and you pull your hand away. "Oh. I, uh, I really...I should go." You start to turn away, but I grasp onto your wrist.   

"No!" I plead, almost begging you to stay. I felt pathetic, but I can't help it. Here you were, apologizing to me for not showing up yesterday, and I just sat like an idiot. "I mean. We could talk, or something, you know? I'm Poppy." 

"Poppy? Cute." Your smile made my heart beat like crazy, butterflies dancing and chanting around in my stomach. You sat in the chair across from me and stared deep into my dull green eyes. "It's nice to finally speak to you."


Sometimes, when the Friendship between a man and a woman is so strong, you can't help but fall in Love. 

message 13: by ichigo_menthol (new)

ichigo_menthol AWWW!! That is the sweetest story I have EVER READ NO KIDDING! EVER READ! <3

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Yay :D I wanted to do a happy story xD

message 15: by Eternal Werecat (new)

Eternal Werecat | 141 comments Emma loves and then kills people, Ally loves, I just kill people and make you feel gut wrenching pain when I do it.

message 16: by ichigo_menthol (new)

ichigo_menthol With the starting line including 'worst of times' I thought no one would be able to make that happy but...but you did! And it works perfectly! I love this story >< I think I'm obsessed with it.

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message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeh, yeh, yeh. Where's your story Missy?
I can't wait until Sunday D:
Remember, I have no patience!

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cαssιe ♥ | 526 comments Ah! We're starting this already?! (p.s love 'em)

message 20: by cαssιe ♥ (new)

cαssιe ♥ | 526 comments Gotta get to work!

message 21: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Aha:) that was so cute! It was such an original idea too!

message 22: by cαssιe ♥ (last edited Mar 03, 2012 12:56AM) (new)

cαssιe ♥ | 526 comments It was the best of times and worsts of times, but in my case it was the other way around. I sat alone again for the fiftieth time this week while my best friend kept talking to his other friends. He was supposed to spend lunch with me and not them.

Anger bubbled inside of me. They kept talking about stupid things. Stupid things he was suppose to be talking about with me. I wasn’t even sitting near or close to them, and I could hear every single word.

Then for the first time today he looked at me. This put a smile on my face, so I waved to him but he immediately looked away and had started to speak with his so called friends again. My smile faded into a look of embarrassment.

I wasn’t just angry at that point. I was furious. I thought we were friends, but not just friends. We were best friends. So why was he with them and not me?

After lunch as usual I walked down the hallway to class. Suddenly I tripped flat face to the ground. I stood up and saw him and his friends laughing. I didn’t trip by accident. He did it. He wouldn’t look at me or anything. He’d just laugh along with his friends.

Some friend he is, I thought to myself.
The next couple of weeks seem to turn out the same. We’d just look at each other and turn away. I stopped waving and being friendly. If he was going to be like that then I was too. What was the point of being friends with a guy who doesn’t want to be yours?

We’d have a few classes together where we’d have to speak, but other than that we’d avoid each other. This was making me upset. I mean being best friends with someone since birth and then for some unknown reason ending up ignoring each other can be really aggravating.

I know it’s stupid but I go over to house after school. I ring the doorbell and immediately regret it. This is going to be awkward, very awkward. It’s not like we were dating or something, but it’s just going to be awkward. I just pray that the odds will be on my side and I will not have to see him. That will defeat the purpose of coming, but then again I’ve always hated awkward moments.

I realize the odds have not been on my side when the door swings open. I see him. “Hi,” I say like the dork I am.

“Hey,” he says with a faint smile. He closes the door behind him and takes a step outside. “Do you need anything?” he asks me. I don’t know what to say. It would be seem really dumb to be speechless and it would be just plain stupid to ask about homework when we have cell phones. I don’t know if I should tell the truth…

“Actually yes I need answers,” I say with confidence, “Why do you keep ignoring me?” My heart stops. Did I just say that? In my mind that sounded way better. In reality I sounded like those little five-year-old girls on the playground.

He steps closer and kisses me. Okay that sort of answered my question. I pull away looking at him in alarm. Best friends aren’t that friendly. “Sorry um sudden impulse?” He says turning a light shade of pink. It’s kind of cute but I’m not focused on that right now.

“You kissed me…” I say trailing off and repeat this several times. I don’t know why I’m repeating this. I’m just shocked.

I look at my waist where his hands are placed and slip out off his grasp running as if my life depended on it.

“Wait!” He calls for me. There is a part of me that wants to go back there and kiss him again, but I can’t. I won’t.

I think I’m dreaming. If I go home and lay on my bed, I’ll wake up to the world that hasn’t gone insane! I get home quickly and race up to my room and lay in my bed. It’s not working. I’m not waking up. Am I already awake? Is this actually reality? If it is then I just had my first kiss with my best friend.

Days have been weird.

I won’t return his calls or texts. I won’t do anything that involves him. Things would just be too awkward. But the same part of me that wanted to kiss him back is telling me to do the opposite.

When I come home one faithful day after school my heart stops. He stands there on my porch with his hands simply in the pockets of his baggy jeans. He wears dirty old black converse, a snapbacks that covers his beautiful dirty blonde hair and a shirt that say the simply but sweet words that melt my heart. Forgive me because I ♥ U.

I smile and let the part of me that wants to kiss him out. His hands stay at my waist and my arms wrap around his neck as we softly kiss. I don’t know how long we stand there, but it feels like I could be here for an eternity. I pull away. “It was an impulse.” I say laughing and continue to kiss him.

When we both pull away for air the most unexpected happens. “I love you, Cassie.” He says smiling while our foreheads pressed together.

I smile back. “I love you too, Tyler.” I whisper.


The End

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cαssιe ♥ | 526 comments Is this too long? If so I'll make another one!

message 24: by Sarah (new)

Sarah No, that was fine!! And it was so adorable :)

message 25: by cαssιe ♥ (new)

cαssιe ♥ | 526 comments I kinda based it on a true story xD

message 26: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I thought so haha :)

message 27: by cαssιe ♥ (new)

cαssιe ♥ | 526 comments Trolololololol i just took out some parts or it would have been loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!

message 28: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Haha:)

message 29: by cαssιe ♥ (new)

cαssιe ♥ | 526 comments :P

message 30: by ichigo_menthol (last edited Mar 03, 2012 03:54AM) (new)

ichigo_menthol It was the best of times, and the worst of times. Sitting on the lounge room floor has never been so pleasurable for you. The scratchy carpet underneath your sweat slicked skin was not even registered in your cool ecstasy. Oh this feeling was making you moan. You sucked more down in a sudden fervor. Heaven was slicked and rolling across your tongue, delivered by a metal hardness that was as cool as the blood running through you. Your body couldn’t help but break into goose bumps every time you tasted the smoothness of its rapture. Elation pounded through you when took another lick. The perfectness, the perfect sculptured texture made your eyes close. Oh so delicious this was. Paradise. Oh. It leaked out of your mouth, there was too much for your lips to hold. The euphoria left a trail down to your chin where it dripped onto the carpet; it would stain, reminding you of this disgusting act. What were you thinking? Why were you doing this? God would squeeze his eyes shut and look away from you. Your parents would be so shocked they’d have heart attacks and then their dead bodies would roll over so their backs faced you. And then think of your little sister, helping you through your problem. Her eyes would lock onto the metal you had in your mouth, and then she’ll look at you, a disappointed expression crossing her face before running away. The sight scared her. What if you never got out of this repulsing addiction? But it was too late to take it back; it is inside you already, filling you, and will always be there. You released the cold stiffness from your mouth; a raincloud floated over your head and dropped a bucket load of tears. You cried for what you’ve done. It was dirty and shameful.

How could you have ruined your diet by giving into temptation and eating the new Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice cream? And from the tub! With a spoon! How savage of you! All that creamy sweetness went straight to your already elephant sized thighs. What a loser. Now you have to start your diet all over again. Fat pig. If you keep on continuing like this, you will never reach your dream weight. Get some will power, walrus.

((And that, is my inner fitness coach speaking. I should be one of those coaches on Biggest Loser!))

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cαssιe ♥ | 526 comments xD I love this one! :D

message 32: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Awesome!! Hahah :) that was funny. OhmyGosh I love Ben&Jerrys so much... <3

message 33: by Sarah (last edited Mar 03, 2012 02:11AM) (new)

Sarah Awwhh! That was so sad! But really good! <3

message 34: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Lol:) you're welcome, it's gonna be so hard to pick a winner though :/

message 35: by Sarah (new)

Sarah You should be!

message 36: by ichigo_menthol (new)

ichigo_menthol Aww Cassie's is so adorableeee I was like "AWWWW!!!" for like 10 minutes! I feel all bubbly and full of sweetness.

And Me's is so sad :( and good. I read all of them... all these stories are so figgin good....

message 37: by ichigo_menthol (new)

ichigo_menthol >< Him, on the porch with the words on his t-shirt....I was at maximum awwww!!

message 38: by Mai (new)

Mai | 298 comments You guys!! The stories are so awesome and sweet and sad!! I love them all!:D Poor Sarah though:P

message 39: by Mai (new)

Mai | 298 comments It was the best of times, and the worst of times. It was the year when I have laughed, tursted, liked someone, cried and lastly, been betrayed.
Our laughter ringed through her vast room, Lily's laughter reminded me of summer. Bright and light. Lovely and awaited. "So The Last Song or A Walk To Remember?" She had wondered aloud waving the DVDs in front of her tan, heart-shaped face which was framed by silky, long auburn hair.
"I Am Number Four! Or Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol!" I suggested enthusiastically my large hazel-green pupils wide and twinkling with excitement.
"Lindsay, those movies are for boys! Can you act like a girl for once in your life?" Lily snapped her face a mask of disgust. After that I sat silently, the twinkle in my eyes dead gone, her words like tiny needles peircing my heart.
Tears leaked out of Lily's vibrant green eyes as she watched A Walk To Remember like she wanted. That was Lily for you. Always getting what she wanted.

"Gosh, this is so sad!" She exclaimed. When I stayed silent, she glanced at me. "Isn't that right?" She asked, a threatening tone in her voice. Threatening me that if I didn't agree, I won't leave this room happily.
"Yeah. True." I muttered my gaze set on my lap. I was still upset from her words. The words she said every day. Trying to make me feel bad about myself.

"Lin, are you sad?" She asked softly, her voice sugar-coated, resting a hand on top of mine.
"No." I lied then put a huge, fake smile on my face. Like I did everytime.
"Alrighty! That's great!" She said although I doubted she would even care if I was gloomy.
The next morning, I swept my chestnut hair in a low ponytail and put on some dark blue distressed jeans and a plain white shirt with a denim, short jacket.

I hummed a random tone I heard on the radio while I skipped down the stairs, my footsteps echoing in the quiet house. My parents were out of the country, in Finland, for their job. They worked in the mobile phone industry.

I arrived at the school, slightly out of breath from walking to school. I didn't have a car while Lily did. She didn't even drive me here. "Hey, hey girlfriend!" Greeted Sammy, a friend I had made from the beginning of this year, junior year, with a smile plastered on her oval face.
"Hola Sammy!" I returned her smile when I heard an all too familair giggle.

There was Lily with Ethan. My crush. My smile automatically fell. A spark of anger lit inside of me. How dare she call him that! She knew yet there she was, flirting with him! She knew I liked him.

Their faces were only inches apart, a breath away. Their lips and connected and I felt my heart shatter in a million peices. Not only because my crush was kissing someone else, not only because my best friend was kissing the guy I liked. No. Because there was my older sister, Lily, kissing Ethan.

message 40: by Sarah (new)

I hate you.

LOL, just kidding :) THAT WAS EPIC! So descriptive and beautiful and sad and emotional and yeah!!! :):):)

message 41: by Mai (new)

Mai | 298 comments Lol oppies? haha :D

Lol thank you!:D :D :D

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah gotta feel bad for Sarah now xD

message 43: by Mai (new)

Mai | 298 comments Haha you should too! Btw, loved yous!!:D

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved yours!!!!!!!!! Everyone's got all these depressing ones xD

message 45: by Mai (new)

Mai | 298 comments Why thank you Ally!!:) Lol mine wasn't THAT depressing!

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message 47: by Eternal Werecat (new)

Eternal Werecat | 141 comments I feel like a cynic

message 48: by Mai (new)

Mai | 298 comments What's that face supposed to mean again? :P

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)


message 50: by Mai (new)

Mai | 298 comments What does cynic mean, Aunty Jess? lol:P


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