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The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)
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What do you think of this character? The concept of a modern-day woman falling in love with Hades, in-spite of his darker personality. In this version of the myth Hades never kidnapped or tricked Persephone, he loved her (and loves her still). She broke his heart. What do you think of this spin?

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Angie | 2687 comments Mod
Kate... is an interesting character. I mean.. I thought it was a little odd in the beginning of the book when she just jumped in the car with James and all of a sudden he was there at the hospital with her? And that she would just go to Henry's place without really saying goodbye to her mother who was supposed to die any day? I can tell you I would totally have waited for my mother to die.

I did like her independent spirit though. She wanted to wear the clothes she wanted to wear and even wanted her friend in the house with her (Ava) who wasn't really that nice to her. So she clearly has a lot of compassion.

I thought sometimes the relationship with her and Henry was tough to read. He kept telling her she could go she kept saying no. That point was repeated too many times. Oh and if she wants to stay in Henry's house so bad all year long then why did she decide to leave it 6 months of the year. I really never thought the book answered this. Henry told her she could stay if she wanted to.

I found it a little funny that she kept calling sex "that". Never in the book was the word sex used. And when Kate and Henry did do it... it was like "that thing".

I also found it interesting about her mom. Why didn't Kate just want her mom to die and have her at the mansion like Ava? Maybe Ava was only there because she was a god so technically Kate's mom couldn't be there in ghost form.. but still Kate should've questioned that. (of course we find out later she is a god so Diana could've been there anyways).

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