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message 1: by violet (new)

violet (lone_stargazer) | 5 comments OHHHH I would love to be a mod if you would let me. You seriously wont find a bigger Vampire Academy fan then me! Plus Im fair and very nice.

message 2: by Feli (new)

Feli (feliholm) I don't really want to be a mod because of everything that comes with that but I'd be glad to help you guys with some contest ideas, if you'd like. Also, I love Vampire Academy (but that was obvious :P)

message 3: by Athena, Dimka's taken folks. (last edited May 29, 2012 03:55PM) (new)

Athena | 41 comments Mod
I would LOVE to be a mod here!! I love this group, its my favorite! I'm on goodreads everyday and i'm head mod at 2 groups. i've read vampire academy 9 times. i love to come up with new ideas and i talk to anyone. hope you TRUELY consider me! love ya guys.


message 4: by Athena, Dimka's taken folks. (new)

Athena | 41 comments Mod

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