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Paranormal Fantasy movies for adults. (I don't mean X-rated, just not YA)
Sharon Sharon Feb 29, 2012 06:35PM
Is it just me feeling left out as an adult in the paranormal fantasy movie genre? There seem to be a lot of YA books being made into movies - which, granted, I'll go and watch anyway - but it would be really nice to have one of the more adult books/book series made into a movie for those of us who love paranormal but are over the age of 16! Who's with me on this one, and what books do you think would be a good fit? I'd love to see my Urban Fantasy book made into a movie - but that might just be me :-)

I totally agree with you. So many movies are turned into something for the younger genre and it kills me. Look at the superhero/comic books. The Spiderman movies were so cheesy but did make money since you could take your kids to these movies. But compare the profit and response to to the Batman movies with Christian Bale. They did great despite the fact they weren't for kids. We need a paranormal movie thats not for the young and Disneyfied!!

I love this series.

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