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What would be your game plan if you were a tribute in the hunger games?
Hannah Cruthirds Hannah Feb 29, 2012 06:24PM
The first thing that I would do is find a well hidden shelter and food. Next, I would just stay out of the way (hiding) and hope to survive.If I were to be involved in the fighting I would most likely die.

to win

Cate best response ever.
Mar 06, 2012 09:41AM
Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles well i do count on winning. and i'll do whatever it takes... whatever that may be ...more
Mar 06, 2012 02:21PM

I would wait for everyone else to kill each other whilst finding enough food and a decent hideout. Then pick off the last one standing with my bow. Definitely not make friends with anyone. Or, i would stalk the largest group and take them out stealthily.

I would probably go crazy and run around trying to kill as many people as I can. I mean I know I am about to die, so I would just try my best, not care if I get hurt or killed because I am going to die. I would put a show on for the people who like to watch kids kill each other for fun.:)

get some stuff that seems to be useful from the cornucopia but don't get myself in danger

stay in a closly wooded area with a water source

try to stay alive o.O

I'm a bookish, uncoordinated artist. I'd be screwed. My ONLY hope would be to try to make myself useful to a gang of tougher tributes like the District 3 kid (entertain them with funny jokes? Face painting?) and then poison them.

Hide out, get a knife, and wait for people to go by. When they did I have the element of suprize on my side. But make sure there was only one.

I'd probably wait it out, as good as possibly... Couldn't bear actually killing someone. I'd lose my mind! D:

I think I would focus trying to get to know the arena around me - maybe even seek out the very edge so I didn't have to worry about people sneaking up on me. (not copying from the revelations later in the books, just that's my first instinct anyway, to put my back to a wall, even in restaurants)

OR I would try always to stay near a water source and perhaps even set traps for others who would need the water.

In all honesty unless I had some proper training in fighting (which I currently don't aside from a tiny bit of archery for fun) I would most likely spend my days alone honing a skill or finding a way to flip a big ol' bird to the Capitol and commit suicide in a big show of rebellion because I honestly have no hope of killing someone who is trained or skilled.

Use my lighsaber, yell "Avada Kedavra" at everyone I see, and utilize my invisibility cloak.

I would pick Foxface's strategy.

I would be so screwed. I would probably have been one of the ones who died right after they released us into the arena... if I survived the first day, I would hide and wait until all the others killed each other and the last one died of hunger or something. But I probably wouldn't survive that long anyway

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