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Ok. Figured out how to make threads. Which gender do you prefer?

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments I prefer Female. Im good with any RP.

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RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments So what kind of RP do you wanna do? I was thinking Romance,highschool.

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Sure. That sounds good.

Name: Aaron Henderson
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Black hair, swirling silver eyes. 5'11". In shape. Always wearing dark clothes and a trench coat. Sunglasses, even inside.
Personality: Quiet. Brooding.
History: His mother died in childbirth. His father always blamed him for his mother's death, so he was given up for adoption. However, people were thrown off by his eyes, and most people were afraid of them. As a kid, he was often picked on. Now, he always hides his eyes.
Other: His eyes are odd. The colors are always moving, and they have a tendency to regrow. If he looks someone directly in the eyes, he knows their secrets. If he lets his mental walls down and looks directly into their eyes, he can see the face of the person causing the secret.

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RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments Name: Tsuki Izumi
Gender: Female
Appearence: Short, dark black hair, cute, asian complextion with bright green eyes. About 5'6". Athletic.Always wearing regular city outfits, nothing to fancy.
Personality: Quiet,shy, cute, mysterious.
History: Born half japanese,half american, but was raised in the USA. She is a only child with parents and a small family.As a kid she was always left alone, and never really made any friends.She gets good grades and tries to be as normal as possible.

Other(Her secret): She can sprout feather white wings at will, giving her the ability to fly.

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Aaron sat quietly in English, staring straight ahead.

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RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments It was lunch time.Tsuki stood at her locker, pulling out her bento box wich held her usal asian lunch and chopsticks.She shut and closed her locker, locking it with a small click.She leaned agianst the nearby wall,oping the bento box, and eating down her lunch with the chop-sticks.Every few minutes, Tsuki looked around, seeing to make sure nobody was stalking or creeping her out.

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Once lunch began, Aaron went outside. He didn't care much for eating at school. He went out to the back steps and laid down, staring blankly at the sky through his sunglasses.

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RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments Afterwords, Tsuki walked outside.She looked around the corner, and noticed a male american teenager laying on the back steps. She decided to say hello. "H-Hello?" She said shyly.

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((He's not Asian))

Aaron turned his head in her direction. He said nothing, just watching him.

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments She walked up and sat near him. "So um...what are you up to..?"

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"Nothing," he said shortly, turning back to the sky.

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments She leaned agianst the wall, looking at the sky with a sigh. "I wish life wern't boring...I have no friends.."

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"If you're looking for pity, you came to the wrong guy."

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments She blew a strand of hair from her face. "How so? Are you that quiet?"

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"I don't do pity."

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments "Hmp..well I don't pity you either.So were even!" She smirked.

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"I don't want pity."

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments She raises one brow slightly. "Then what do you want?"

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"I want silence."

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments She slumped down, sitting beside him, becoming silent.Tsuki watched the clouds roll by.The silence seemed to last for hours, but it was only a few minutes.Tsuki glanced at Aaron every now and then, waiting for a reaction.The sunlight soothed the bare sin of her arms and hands, as she was wearing a T-shirt.

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Though his head didn't move, he watched her intently, his dark sunglasses hiding his eyes. Once the bell rang, he still didn't move.

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RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments Tsuki got up, brushing some dust off the butt of her jeans.She glanced at him with a sort-of cute/warm smile, then walked around the corner, heading for the front door.Unlike other schools, thier highschool ended at 1pm.

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Still, Aaron didn't move. He didn't want to go back to his new foster family. Once more, the thought of getting a job and then getting his own place flashed through his mind. And again, he dismissed the idea as foolish.

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments She turned her head toward his direction. "Hey you coming? You know you can't just sit there all day!"

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"Sure I can."

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments Tsuki huffed. "Suit yourself, at least im glad im not as lazy as you!" She challandged him, taking a few steps back,peeking just around the corner just to see what his reaction would be.

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Thinking that she was gone, he sat up and pulled his sunglasses off. His swirling silver eyes were slightly sad. Threads of a lighter silver seemed to curl and writhe in his eyes. He stood and turned, walking away from where Tsuki had gone.

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments Tsuki watched him go, wondering if he was hurt or not.She had no time and went to class.An hour later, the bell rung, just as Tsuki exited out of the back door, her small bag slung across one shoulder.As she was walking down a deserted street as a short cut, a man, dressed all black, came from behind her, holding her, one arm around Tsuki's neck.He spoke in a slurred voice. "Now stay still and be quiet, so I can have some fun with ye'!!" THe man gave a low bitter laugh.Tsuki's eyes widened as she struggled, trying to break free.

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Aaron stood in front of the school, debating whether to go to his foster family, or to waste time. He decided to waste time and go to the arcade, vaguely noticing that the girl from before--Tsuki, he remembered--was ahead of him. He saw the man appear and grab her, and he frowned. Sunglasses on once again, he grabbed the man from behind and pulled him back. "Let her go."

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments Tsuki felt the man let go of her, and stumble away from the both of them shouting a few curses to himself.After the man was far way down the street,Tsuki blushed slightly,and looking down at the ground,she spoke softly. "T-Thanks...Aaron."

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He nodded slightly and continued on his way to the arcade.

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments Tsuki got up.She grabbed her bag and followed after him. "H-Hey is it alright if I come with you?"

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He shrugged. "Whatever."

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments She followed him to the aracade, where she played a few games with him.Tsuki enjoyed herself as she played the games.A extra change coin flew from the machines EXTRA slot, but landed on the floor.As she bent down to pick it up, the top bit of the back of her underware showed.

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Aaron noticed, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he took off his trench coat and set it on her shoulders.

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments Tsuki plled up the back of her pants and put one hand on the trench coat, puling it upward so it was cozy.She stood up and turned her face a little towards him with a friendly smile. "Thank you Aaron.."

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He nodded slightly and wandered to the next game.

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RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments Tsuki followed him. "You seem quiet today.." She said quietly, glancing at him, before looking at the video game screen.He was winning.

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"I have nothing to say."

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments "And why is that?" Tsuki replied with a slight amused smirk on her lips.

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"Why do you have something to say?" he retorted.

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RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments "Maybe...maybe not." She smiled with a giggle.The jacket was biger that Tsuki's body, wich made her look smaller and more fragile.

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He raised an eyebrow.

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments "What?" She smiled.

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"Your response made no sense."

RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments She sighed with a

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"You should go home." He walked outside.

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RintheAbyssMaster | 139 comments Tsuki gave another small yawn. "I guess I should.....I have work tommorow..." She walked out of the arcade, catching up with him.She looked at him with a warm smile. "The arcade was fun---Thank you, Aaron."

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