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The look...

Darcy who had been there weeks before with her mom setting up, lay reading in her bed.

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"Hey Livia" Darcy said greeting her friend

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"Oh, c'mon Livia yiour gonna live." Darcy said setting down her book and walking to her friends bed, she sat her self on the end, and sat cris-cross "You didn't have to spend the last month stuck here atleast." Darcy complained

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"I spet the summer in well i'm not allowed to tell you, my mom won't let me. c'mon lets go get something to eat" Darcy said tugging on Livia's arm

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harriet (harriet64) Jessie walked into her room and sighed ((can i be in this dorm???))

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"Hey Jess, how was summer?" Darcy said cheefully while she got up and started unpacking

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harriet (harriet64) ((kk))
Jessie smiled, "It was alright, my mum was trying to track me down apparantly! I just kept here, it's weird that noone knows who we are! How was yours?"

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Matthew (phoebus) ((hmm...that makes me wonder...what Calisto does with his summer(another thing to add to his history))

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harriet (harriet64) Jessie smiled, "You know what I mean, hiding in town is easy enough, if they knew what i'd been up to here!"

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"Oh gosh livia" Darcy said laughing

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jueun (jueunkang) "Hellooo." Alyssa said entering quietly.

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harriet (harriet64) Jessie smiled then walked away, she couldn't get the image of Livia falling out of her head so she doubled over laughing

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"Hey Alyssa" Darcy said excitedly "What's up?"

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jueun (jueunkang) "Hi! I left my note book in here... I'm so lazy though." Alyssa sighed collapsing onto the bed.

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"WE never knew" Darcy said smiling

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jueun (jueunkang) "Never knew what?" Alyssa looked up.

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"That your lazy." Darcy said laughing

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jueun (jueunkang) "Ah well, I am now!" Alyssa moaned.

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((How many people are in this dorm?))

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((4, so far. If you come in than we have 5. yeah!))

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((Yay! Okay))
Jae walked into the dorm and out her suitcase down on her bed. She started unpacking while the others were still talking.

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Alananana94 | 57 comments ((Hi. Can I join?))

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Alananana94 | 57 comments ((Maybe we could dorm in one of the empty dorms....))

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Alananana94 | 57 comments ((Looks like E and C are.))

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Alananana94 | 57 comments ((Sure Quick question. Do you like Doctor Who?))

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Alananana94 | 57 comments ((Oh dear....Google it! Its a British tv show.))

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Alananana94 | 57 comments ((Shall we go to E?))

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Alananana94 | 57 comments ((I'll be back in like, 20 minutes....))

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