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message 1: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments * Pond, basketball court, benches to sit on, playground off to the side, you get the picture. Come here to relax, have a picnic...or maybe to bike or run a few miles if you're that type of person ^^*

message 2: by Haley (new)

Haley (hlygirl5) Aimesly walked through the park until she found the tree she was looking for. It was a tall, shady maple tree, with a perfect spot for her to sit underneath and think. She sat there and looked up through the leaves, seeing bits and pieces of the blue sky above. She smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the silence.

message 3: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments Oliver walked through the park, finally way from that school with all its annoying preps.

message 4: by Haley (new)

Haley (hlygirl5) Aimesly opened her eyes to see Oliver walking through the park. She almost groaned. Be nice. she told herself and she smiled at him when they made eye contact.

message 5: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments Oliver saw the girl, rolled his eyes and walked in the opposite direction.

message 6: by Haley (new)

Haley (hlygirl5) I've been nothing but nice to that boy. What is his problem? thought Aimesly. She stood up and ran to catch up with him. "Hey, Oliver!" she said and she tapped him on the shoulder.

message 7: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments "What do you want?" Oliver groaned.

message 8: by Haley (new)

Haley (hlygirl5) A friend, thought Aimesly, but she didn't say this aloud. With a sad look in her eyes, she said, "I was just wondering why you dislike me so much?"

message 9: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments "I don't dislike you, so back off" he said really quickly.

message 10: by Haley (new)

Haley (hlygirl5) "What?" she said, looking at him quizzically, "But, you... you always ignore me, you roll your eyes whenever I smile at you, you make me feel like I'm some kind of pariah."

message 11: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments "That's because I just want to be left...alone" he said flatly.

message 12: by Haley (new)

Haley (hlygirl5) "Okay. I'm sorry, I get it. Don't you ever get tired of being alone though..?" she said. I know I do. she thought, remembering her freshmen and sophomore years when her only friend was her older brother.

message 13: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments "No, I'm fine like this. Makes everything much better for everyone" he stopped.

message 14: by Haley (new)

Haley (hlygirl5) "But what if it doesn't?" said Aimesly, her voice rising.

message 15: by Matthew (last edited Feb 29, 2012 05:15PM) (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments "It does, and that's that. There's nothing else to it" He said, then took off towards the exit of the park.

message 16: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments (i edited)

message 17: by Haley (new)

Haley (hlygirl5) Aimesly followed after him, catching up to him and walking beside him. "I think there is. I think you're secretly a sweet person, but you hide it. I think there's more to you than being a surly, quiet boy." she said, smiling, knowing she was right. Don't give up. she thought quietly to herself.

message 18: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments "Whatever" he said, walking out of the park towards the school.

message 19: by Haley (new)

Haley (hlygirl5) Aimesly still followed him, still determined to break through his mask of indifference.

message 20: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments Oliver slammed the school doors behind him...into the hallway...into the library...

message 21: by Haley (new)

Haley (hlygirl5) Aimesly went into school behind Oliver, almost getting knocked over by a slammed door. She went into the library as well.

message 22: by Kanra (new)

Kanra Caitlin jogged in the park; her bright pink hair pulled up in a ponytail, and her green headphones suck in her ears.

message 23: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments Oliver sat under a tree, he actually had a genuine smiled on his face for once, his eyes were closed.

the sound of Autumn Max followed behind Caitlin, not sure why. She also didn't know if she wanted to be seen or not, and figured she'd let things play itself out. She noticed the fellow who'd dropped off the envelope, and immediately was filled with mixed feelings. Sure he didn't mean to kill Caitlin's foster father, but still...

message 25: by Kanra (new)

Kanra Caitlin stopped for a second, taking in the different people around her. She took out her headphones, and sat down on the edge of the path.

the sound of Autumn Max stopped abruptly as well, not hiding or anything, but not exactly prancing up and saying hello.

message 27: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments Oliver remained sitting under the tree, he leaned against its bark. He had a peaceful carefree expression upon his face, his eyes closed...taking in all the smells and sounds around him.

message 28: by Kanra (new)

Kanra Caitlin looked at the boy across from her, gasped, covered her mouth, and looked away.

the sound of Autumn Max looked over at the boy, not being able to resist a small smile. He just looked so at peace, so satisfied, and she felt like if she'd interrupted with some rude snappy comment, that it'd be the meanest thing in the world.

message 30: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments Oliver had snuck out of his house, and right now...he didn't care.

message 31: by the sound of Autumn (last edited Mar 03, 2012 08:21PM) (new)

the sound of Autumn She shook her head, her fingers fumbling over each other as she breathed in her surroundings. No, she'd let them both enjoy some silence for a little while, she didn't always have to ruin everything all the time.

message 32: by Kanra (new)

Kanra Caitin looked behind her and have Max a tired look.

the sound of Autumn Max didn't see Caitlin look, she was too busy playing with her hands and staring at the pavement. She rubbed the tip of her shoe in the dirt, taking in deep breaths of crisp clean air.

message 34: by Kanra (new)

Kanra " Well this is a great silent moment." Caitlin said in her normal whisper of a voice.

message 35: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments Oliver opened his eyes and found Caitlin and Max in his plane of vision, instantaneously his peacefulness faded, and he became his usual hidden serious self.

the sound of Autumn Max's head snapped up, hearing the small whispering voice. "Hmm?" she said, caught unaware, "Oh, yeah, huh."

message 37: by Kanra (new)

Kanra " Um, hello." Caitlin muttered to the boy. " You came in today, and I didn't get a chance to say thank you.

message 38: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments "What do you mean?" he said, sounding slightly confused.

message 39: by the sound of Autumn (last edited Mar 03, 2012 08:33PM) (new)

the sound of Autumn "Yeah, thanks so so much." Max snorted under her breath, "Hey Mom, saw my first active death today!"

message 40: by Kanra (new)

Kanra ๓คttђєฬ wrote: ""What do you mean?" he said, sounding slightly confused."

" You came into the hospital today, and gave us a letter." Caitlin said, sounding confused as well.

message 41: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments Oliver got up and stretched his arms out,"No idea what you are talking about"

the sound of Autumn "Are you kidding?" Max stood up and walked over to him, "What the hell is wrong with you, I know you know what we're talking about!"

message 43: by Kanra (new)

Kanra ๓คttђєฬ wrote: "Oliver got up and stretched his arms out,"No idea what you are talking about""

" Well, that's okay." She said with a small grin. " The money, my dad had a heart attack because of it."

message 44: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments Oliver's expression faulted for a moment, but then he regained it,"A letter you say, still got nothing...well, besides that, I hope your dad ends up okay" he said beginning to walk away.

message 45: by Kanra (new)

Kanra " He's dead." Caitiln said, standing up, and staring at the boy.

message 46: by the sound of Autumn (last edited Mar 03, 2012 08:48PM) (new)

the sound of Autumn "Yep, super dead." Max pitched in unhappily, "D.O.A"

message 47: by Kanra (new)

Kanra " Max." Caitlin whisped over her shoulder. " Please…"

message 48: by Matthew (last edited Mar 03, 2012 08:50PM) (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 331 comments "Fr...from reading th...the letter" he stopped,his back to them both. Then he said in a perfect calmly voice,"That's...unfortunate" but if they could see his face...

He didn't give them any time to reply as he suddenly bolted off...but something fell out of his pocket.

Oliver ran onto the sidewalk, he was all jittery, and didn't know what to think...but kept walking anyways.

message 49: by Kanra (new)

Kanra " Just thought that you should know.…" Caitlin said, before plopping back down on the ground.

the sound of Autumn Max ran after him, but swooped up the item. "Hey, wait!" she called, "What is this?"

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