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Kayla  | 2 comments Keeton rolled his pencil back and forth across his desk, bored out of his mind. He was beginning to regret sneaking that dead frog into the drama teacher's purse. No matter how funny it had been, it wasn't worth this torture.

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Curlygirly Biting her lip, which was covered in peach lipstick, Kimi slowly made her way down to the detention room trying to buy herself time. She could not believe she had gotten detention, what would her parents think? Kimi thought worriedly. Sighing Kimi glanced up at the blur of numbers along the headboards of the doors searching for room 2075. Finally finding the right room Kimi hestitantly put her hand on the dornob. Moments later Kimi openeded the door bracing herself for what ever was to happen next.

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"Hey Kimi" Darcy sat in the chair her feet on the desk, as she played on her Kindle Fire "What's up?" She said not even looking up from her game. She looked like-

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Curlygirly "Darcy?" Kimi asked confused. Sitting ontop of a desk next to her friend she sighed "what'd you do now?"

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Curlygirly (how do you post a pic?)

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((You copy and paste the pic's URL)) "Hmmm, I apparently flipped a teacher out a window, really i think he just fell" Darcy said smiling

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Curlygirly Kimi laughed staring at her friend knowingly "oh that's so strange, and you just happend to be there?"

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"Of course, who wouldn't be right next to there teacher with their arms pushed out." Darcy said mischeviously

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Curlygirly Kimi shook her head "one of these days your really going to get in trouble." Looking around Kimi noticed they were the only ones in detention. "hey you umm...wanna ditch?" Kimi asked blushing. What is wrong with you first detention know ditching Kimi scowlded herself in her mind.

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"yeah, c'mon it's easy the teacher wont even know we where here. And I won't, I've got things controlled at all thimes" Darcy said she was serious. She slipped up to the teacher's (who wasn't there yet) clipboard, and whitedout Darcy and Kimi's names. "The teacher is half-blind anyway so he won't be able to tell" Darcy added turning her serious look into a devlih grin ((gtg))

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Curlygirly Kimi just nodded her head in agremeant, Darcy was good at this stuff so Kimi knew she had nothing to worry about. "Oh wait!" Kimi said jumping off the desk. Pulling her little tool kit out of her pocket Kimi pulled out two little black chips. Holding one in front of herself the chip did a quick body scan. Taking the other one Kimi put it infront of Darcy so the other chip could do the same. Sticking the chips on the wall Kimi pressed a button at the center of both chips making holograms of Kimi and Darcy appear sitting in vacant desks that the two girls used to be sitting in. "Know we can go" Kimi smiled.

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Anoghena Enilama | 10 comments ano said this is a drag as he tinker with his super sonic ray gun

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Anoghena Enilama | 10 comments he was in for gadget explosions ano said loudly

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Anoghena Enilama | 10 comments its a spy school why does it have so much rules i said

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