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This is the Water Dorm. There is a big lobby with lots of windows and a sofa, chairs, and a TV. There are doors that lead out from the lobby: a kitchen, two bathrooms, and the bedrooms. The walls for the lobby, kitchen, and bathroom are blue, with fish painted on it. You can design your bedroom however you want.

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((two beds????))

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Meeda's dorm:a wide room that includes a blue bed, a desk, a lamp, lights, makeup table, a walk in closet, and best of all her room is attached to a walk through aquarium so that if you look up you can look through the glass and see water, fish, sharks, etc.

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Zoe Regina *TheWorldDependsOnItAndIDependOnTheWorld :D wrote: "((two beds????))"

((Only one bed, but I didn't like the bed in the first picture. So the first picture is of the room, not including the bed, and the second picture is of the bed))

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((lol couldn't just stick with the bad in the picture, right?))

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Zoe ((haha))

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