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message 1: by A.W. (new)

A.W. Wilson | 3 comments I am an author with a self-published e-book. I can't believe I've only just found out about this site. I'm an avid reader as well as a writer so this is right up my street!

My book is only available electronically via sites like Amazon, iBooks etc so I don't think it has been picked up by this database yet. I am told by the help guides that only librarians can add books, at least for new users, so I wondered if anybody would mind adding my novel?

The book title is Accidental Hitman and the ISBN is 978-1-4660-6370-9.

Please let me know if you need any more information, cover image etc.

Thanks in advance for all your help, it's much appreciated.

Thanks again!


message 2: by Kim (new)

Kim | 604 comments Done Accidental Hitman

You also may want to claim your author profile -

message 3: by A.W. (new)

A.W. Wilson | 3 comments Marvellous! Thanks for that, it's really good of you. I will indeed claim the profile. I was just adding some books to my shelves, I have to say, I'm like a kid in a sweet shop in here!


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