Hatchet (Brian's Saga, #1) Hatchet question

Do you think would you have survuved or died?
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I kinda just wanna see who are survival joes out there. Just saying i would probably make a tent that would fall on me and kill me. ='( *sigh*

This kid is a trooper! Even though I might have the necessary survival skills, I'm pretty sure that, being alone and scared, I would not have the will to survive. Lame, I know...


Probably, for a few weeks, maybe...but then...

Well i might have died being a vegaterian... but i might have lived...

I could have. Maybe.

deleted user that is SOO true.
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survived. i love outdoorsy stuff. i was the weird kid pretending i was an explorer with my pet lion. :P

I think I would have eaten too many gut cherries, and then I wouldn't have found anything else to eat...

I would go rather insane after being trapped but I am not that girly or vegetarian so I would have survived but I would be a completely girl after that and never do fly on a plane again.

Well I think I would survuved but I hated the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have survived. I think once you're in a situation like that, your instincts take over and you do what you have to do.

Well I wouldn't have had a hatchet with me, but I would have had a knife, and 2 weatherman tools, so I think I might have done alright, but I also would have had a cell phone too/i>

I read this book back in 4th grade and made a cereal box book report on it

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I would have died, no doubt in my mind...

I like to think I would. Of course I'd do everything I could but no, I probably wouldn't last to long on my own.

Really, I doubt I would have managed to not crash the plane into the trees.

I think I would, but I would go a bit crazy. I would know what to do, but just being away from people for like, 6 months or whatever it was. *Shudder*

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I'd like to think that I would. I wouldn't crash emotionally, but physically? I'd probably die after starving to death... Well, maybe those wolves would be generous. *huh*

I think I would make it. I don't think being by myself would really bug me... I'm a bit of a loner anyway.


terrible book,I fell asleep reading it.

this uis a good book to read i read the book before it is conde of scary.

deleted user and how would you have done that?
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