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Wife or Courtesan!
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If you cant handle a wife just get a courtesan..

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Considering Charles was steadfastly middle class, I'm not sure if he could afford a courtesan, considering its inherent definition of prostitute for the upper class.

This question seems disingenuous. Are we talking about Charles straying out of the marriage? And if so, are we being led into a moral paradox where we implicitly condone Charles' hypothetical infidelity but explicitly condemn Emma's behaviour?

Applying the morals of 2012 to the situations of the nineteenth century is a fruitless pursuit.

I'm not sure a modern young woman can understand Emma's situation or how common her feelings were. Marriage was regarded as permanent and many men felt they were under no obligation to do anything other than earn a living and father children ('father' in the sense of inpregnate the wife, not to 'be a father to' the children). Emma had a very empty life and no one who could even sympathize or advise her. She was not even allowed to admit that her life was empty and meaningless but expected to be grateful for all she had. What a life sentence for a healthy, intelligent, educated woman!

Poor Charles, he was so besotted. Actually I thought he was a bit overbearing, but I guess he thought his affections were being returned.

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Sholani Yeah, I feel for him. I mean he was just an awkward guy. Oblivious too. But I'm sure of Emma TOLD him she wasn't happy, he'd try to be less awkward an ...more
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Sharon Booth Charles did his best in his own clumsy way. He loved her so much. Emma was a selfish so and so but there is a part of me that understands that feeling ...more
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Wait, are you talking about Charles?

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