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Thoughts on Peeta never remembering?
Schmitzy42 Schmitzy42 Feb 29, 2012 12:10PM
I really loved Peeta before he lost his memory:( and it realy ticks me off that he never got it back. I hated that end to the book Am i the only one?

I liked that. It may sound stupid but I hated why he loved Katniss at the beginning. It felt to me it was more just attraction and love just because than anything else.

True he did get to know her but he was in love with her before they even spoke to each other. That sort of bugged me.

At least after all that happened to him and him losing his memories he had to start a relationship with Katniss that wasn't based on him loving a girl he never really knew - if anything his love is even sweeter to me now because he had to overcome wanting her dead. It's not just because. Or cause his dad loved her mother. It's because he found that he loved Katniss as a person rather than just an idea.

Schmitzy42 I guess your right(: when i see it this way it is a little crazy that he loved her without meeting her hardly
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Did he never get it back? I was under the impression he was slowly remembering things. Little by little, piece by piece. Like when he gave Katniss the lamb stew in the Capitol house.

Schmitzy42 oh i guess i didnt realize that my bad!
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I was also saddened by this ending. I kept telling myself throughout that he would get it back, and when he didn't I was disappointed. I do think that it was an interesting twist though.

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