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message 1: by Windy (new)

Windy (kryokitten) | 24 comments Mod
Let's get April nominations rolling on in. Feel free to renominate books that didn't get selected from last month.

Nominations will end March 18th. Poll will be posted March 19th and the winner announced March 26th.

message 4: by Donna (new)

Donna (khalija) | 9 comments Mod
Not sure if this counts because it's not part of a series but it's in the same world as Graceling:


message 5: by Windy (new)

Windy (kryokitten) | 24 comments Mod
That says Book 2 in the Seven Kingdom series... We could make the series a challenge read! I hope to get some internet times this weekend to make a nomination. Apparently this week i am not allowed more than 5 min at the computer before puppy comes along...

message 6: by Windy (new)

message 7: by Windy (new)

Windy (kryokitten) | 24 comments Mod
Yeah ok I am running a little lat with the poll, if anyone has anything else they want to nominate you have until 5:30pm tonight. I'll be posting tonight after work.

message 8: by Windy (new)

Windy (kryokitten) | 24 comments Mod
One last nomination since its only me and Donna this month apparently :P

The Fairy Godmother

Nominations are now closed... please head to the polls to vote!

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