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message 1: by Carrie, The Country Gal (new)

Carrie Miller (carrie76) | 1 comments Mod
I thought it would be nice for us close friends to have a group of our own were we can discuss books we are reading:) Also maybe one day soon we might can choose a book we all like and all of us get it and read it together and discuss it!:) Anyways, hope ya like!:)

message 2: by Becky, The Sweetheart (new)

Becky | 1 comments Mod
That would be awesome!!! :D

message 3: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Ann | 1 comments hi,im new to andrews,nc

message 4: by William (new)

William Pipes (goodreadscomwilliam_pipes) | 1 comments Darby is fast becoming a best seller - The sequel, Hanging Dog An Appalachian Community is coming out soon

Hanging Dog will be enjoyed even more if you have read Darby. Darby can be found on, Barnes and Noble, and on Barnes and Noble Book Stores, and other book stores.

message 5: by Louis (new)

Louis (nash62) | 1 comments Thanks for the invitation to join. I'd love to get in more book discussions here. Do we have a separate thread for what we're reading right now?

message 6: by Deborah (new)

Deborah Smith  | 1 comments Thank for the invitation and I happily accept. I anxiously await the sequel to Darby, Hanging Dog An Appalachian Community. Perhaps we could read this as a group and discuss it?!

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