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Team Alex
Emily Emily Feb 29, 2012 11:31AM
I can't believe Lena would fall in love do easily with another guy. I felt so much grief at the thought of Alex having to see Lena kissing another guy right after he manages to escape the crypts! Please pick him Lena please!

Here is what I think. Julian is a good guy, and VERY valuable to the resistance. That scene where they break him out...KILL Thomas, and get away, the war really starts. Biggest and best move for the resistance. That is why Julian is in the book. Lena SHOULD NOT end up with him. She cares for him, likes him even. But that's it. He was there and she was lonely. She fought it the whole time and kept thinking of Alex, even though she thought he was dead. Lena only went back for him because she didn't want to lose someone else. She didn't want to give up anymore. And I was even truly convinced Alex was dead. And I was crushed...and just as I started to accept it.
Raven tells Lena someone escaped from Portland. I knew right away it was Alex. But she didn't press. That entire last kiss...last scene with Julian I was like, 'No, no, NO!' And then Alex came. On the last freaking page. But I KNOW she still loves him. She has to choose him.
Julian got his freedom. He can go find someone else. He chose Lena because she was THERE. But...Lena is Alex's. And that is that.

Alex and Lena SHOULD end up together!! or I will slit someone's throat. lol kidding. but really, they have to be together. I want Julian to be just Lena's boy bestfriend!

She has to end up with Alex! He is the one who trully loves her. Julain and Lena, they don't love each other. How could they? They were together for what? a week? and they didn't even talk most of the time. Lena and Alex spend a whole lot of time together before she even realized she loved him. How can she think she loves Julian after only days of knowing him? That made me sooo mad. And so little time had passed after she thought Alex was dead. He deserves better than her falling for the first guy that shows interest.
But Alex has to be happy! He has to end up with her. And that last line of his, well, it doesn't mean he hates her or anything, he's just a bit bitter after all he went through and angry at seeing her kissing another guy.
Poor Alex!
He's the one that got me so attached to this series. The plot is great, and Lena too (though I'm a bit mad at her for falling for Julian) but Alex is the reason I love Delirium.

deleted user Exactly!! There would be no series without Alex!!!!!!!!! He showed Lena how to love and live!!!!!!!! On the last page of delirium I screamed!!! In pan ...more
Jul 29, 2012 07:01AM

Definitely Alex. I mean, I felt so bad when she started falling for Julian. You already loved someone! How can you move on so fast. Like move on to no one. You can't replace Alex with Julian. I think her feelings for Alex are going to come rushing back soon. Plus Alex understands her world, her feelings and all that. He totally gets her and he's the one who even showed her the wilds.

I understand that it is important to move on and sometimes let go of the past. I am just confused because less then a year after "the love of her life" dies, right in front of her eyes (or at least so she believes) Lena is fully ready to let Julian into her heart and even makes a promise to never leave him.

All I have to say is, what a sad day for Alex...

After I read the first part of this addictive trilogy and I found myself completely torn apart over Alex's death. I almost did not want to read the second book because I felt that without his presence I would be too upset to read over Lena grieving.

I decided I had to continue reading because I just fell in love with this story and the characters. Pandemonium was an interesting read. Lena devastated yet determined manages to find herself, even amongst her despicable society. Determined with the will to survive, using the thought of Alex as her rock for survival, Lena develops into an even more fearless character.

In the second book, when Julians character is first introduced, it is clear that a turn of events and a new direction is about to develop. Reading about the attraction brewing between Lena and Julian once again made me feel happy for Lena. The truth is that over the course of a year she was forced to make so many choices regarding who she could have been and who she is present time.

I was not completely satisfied with the idea of Lena moving on from her past as quickly as she has been able to. I felt happy that a character was introduced into the storyline to help take away Lena's pain she has had to endure. Yet, I felt so attached to Alex and hoped he was still alive. I think I found it harder then Lena to let him go.

At the end of pandemonium after Alex witnesses Lena and Julian together, I felt heartbroken for Alex. After suffering in the crypts, he breaks free, manages to track Lena down, then has to see Lena willing to let him go?! The only thought going through my head, when Alex appears, was of Lena and Julian staying in the homestead. Lena made a comment that she felt even more comfortable with Julian than Alex. That was a real sting. I am curious to know if this is a reference to what she feels towards Julian in comparison to what she felt for Alex? And if so I am saddened that she feels more comfortable with Julian.

Also, I really do like Julians character a lot. I think that he is sweet and easy to fall in love with. I am kind of disappointed that this story has turned into a love triangle, I don't want to have to see either Alex or Julian get hurt.

Team ALEX!

To be honest while I was getting to the end of the book ( I already knew Alex was alive and was waiting for him to make an appearance) I kind of wanted Julian to get cured and die .....sorry I just saw him as an obstacle for Lena and Alex this mean?!

deleted user No tht isn't mean at all! That's how I feel! I wish Julian would get cured already!!! (or die) I think Julian is going to betray them to the DFA in th ...more
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I have no clue what I'll do if the author decides Julian and Lena end up together!!!! Alex was there first and he deserves her more than anyone. The ending when Alex said that made me feel like Alex was angry at Lena, he might not of been, but that was the impression I got. I want to know what happens next (hopefully not Julian + Lena, or I will die!)

Go Alex!! He is strong and brave! Boo Julian! He is weak and a sissy! But I'm in love with both... Idk y i'm in love w/ julian! <3

I love Alex!!

I love Alex, I found it really... I don't know, annoying? That Lena seemed to be like "Well, Alex is gone, guess I need to build a bridge and get over that." It seemed like she just gave up which really irritated me.

Honestly, Alex is Alex. Lena is Lena. Julian is Julian. But, we all know, Lena belonged to Alex first. Waiting only 6 months after Alex died was a little low and i thought that was pretty b****y of Lena to do that but, hey, we're human.

team alex all the way!!!

i just think lena's more c0mf0rtable with julian in a guy bestfriend kind of way.a lot of people these days are more comfortable with telling their guy bestfriend more stuff than their boyfriend.

I love Alex.. Julian should just leave... honestly

I know I was really upset for Alex!!!! I think what upset me most was that as I was reading I felt like Lena was now Alex and Julian was Lena. It made me feel like Lena & Alex's relationship was degraded.

Tottaly Team Alex

All of you are making comments about who she should choose, but none of you have realized that this is way more complex than that. If Lauren Oliver just decided to make her end with one of them so easily, the book would be pointless. There's definitely much more to the story. I'm a huge Alex fan and I really want them to end up together, but I can hardly see that happening, this book won't promise a clear or happy ending.

I definitely want her to pick Alex. She never did stop loving him and after she kissed Julian, she mentally asked Alex for forgiveness so she did feel she betrayed him, even though she thought he was dead. She won't be able to deny her feelings for Alex.

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